Before we start talking about wedding cake mistakes, a small disclaimer: at the end of the day, there are no losers when it comes to cake. Now that we’ve got that out of the way there are a few things you can do to make sure you get your dream wedding cake right, and that it reaches the end point in one piece (before being cut into many pieces and enjoyed by everybody, of course).

Too Many Cooks in the Cake Kitchen

Simply put, avoid letting outside influences talk you out of your own instincts when it comes to choosing your wedding cake.

There really are no rules any more. Gone are the days where fruit cake was the only option (although it’s still a perfectly valid one). You can now choose from a feast of delicious flavours and designs.

Whether you’re after a multi-tiered showstopper, a cupcake tower or beautiful French macarons headlining a breathtaking dessert table, your options aren’t even limited to cake. Traditional or contemporary, rustic or ornate, you can have anything you want — it’s your day.

Autumn Affection Wedding Cake by GC Couture

With that in mind, don’t let anyone or anything convince you to go with something other than the wedding cake of your dreams. There are ways to cater to your own tastes while still being crowd-pleasing, and we’ll get to those. But first and foremost, make sure your wedding cake is one of the first things you’d like to see, and taste, after you say ‘I do’.

Choosing One ‘Acquired Taste’ Flavour

Coconut may be your favourite flavour, but if you’re going with something other than an obvious crowd-pleaser you may wish to consider different flavours for different tiers. That way, fussy eaters can stay safe with a more mainstream choice, and you and your beloved can enjoy the flavour you love the most. Everybody wins.

Forgetting About Dietary Requirements

At an event as large as a wedding it’s likely there will be at least a couple of unique dietary requirements that need your consideration. Making sure everybody gets a slice can be a tricky task, but if there are only one or two people to consider, think about having a small cake made in the same flavour for people who are allergic to certain ingredients.

Small Extra Wedding Cake

Forgetting Delivery and Storage

Under usual circumstances your cake designer will deliver your wedding cake to the venue’s team, who will then store it in a safe place until the time comes to unveil it. However, if you’re having a blank canvas wedding without the assistance of venue staff, or you’re picking your cake up from a bakery that doesn’t have delivery facilities, make sure you’re clear on how to safely transport and store your cake.

For example, the basics include making sure the cake is secure during the car journey, ensuring there is a safe and considered way to move it from the car to the venue, and that it’s stored in a cool, dry place on arrival.

Depending on the complexity of the design and ingredients, you may need to take different measures. Talk to your cake designer about how best to transport your wedding cake, whether it will require special storage, and whether it will need any assembly at the venue. As long as you’re prepared you can put a plan in place to ensure nothing crumbles prematurely.

Forgetting to Cut and Distribute the Cake

I know, that sounds utterly implausible now, but with an increasing number of couples opting to plan the flow of the day themselves, it’s easy to forget things in the excitement of the day. After the meal, and maybe a few drinks, it’s easy to forget to actually cut and eat the wedding cake you’ve spent so long choosing.

Cutting Wedding Cake

If you don’t have a planner or venue staff on hand, give someone in your wedding party the job of ensuring that you remember the cake-cutting moment, there are cake plates at the ready and everybody who wants a piece gets one. That way you can both relax and enjoy the day without worrying about having to eat wedding cake for breakfast every day for the next few weeks (although, that doesn’t sound so terrible).

As I mentioned, there are relatively few things that can go wrong with your wedding cake. As long as you, the couple, are happy with your choice, you’ve considered catering for different tastes and diets, and it arrives safely at your venue, ready to cut and enjoy, then everything has gone perfectly.

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Images from…

Autumn Affection from the GC Couture ‘Seasons of Sugar’ 2016 Wedding Cake Collection: GC Couture

Small Wedding Cake: Lara Hotz Photography

Cutting Cake: Liga Stevenson Photography