With winter on its way (a bit late, I grant you), what hen or stag do activities can you do whilst the snow is crisp and even?

Indoor Activities

If you are worried about getting snowed or rained on but you still want an adventurous activity, then indoors is best. Karts, paintball, The Zombie Experience, and bubble football are all available under cover, keeping you away from the elements.

Zombie Walk hen and stag do activity

Going out on a Saturday night in November or December is a great laugh, with hundreds of Christmas parties in the mix. What an atmosphere!

Before you celebrate like it’s 2099, you can always go whisky or cider tasting. The latter comes with food, you can do it in the middle of Bristol, and it is an excellent winter hen or stag do activity.

The Great Outdoors

However, if you are thinking the muddier the better then quad biking or rage buggy racing are fantastic for a mud bath.

Quad Biking

You can still go canyoning, white water rafting or coasteering in the winter. It may be a little colder but you’ll have wetsuits to keep you nice and toastie and, let’s face it, water sports in winter are extreme and will put hairs on your chest; not really appealing to hens (the hairs I’m talking about!).

Snow and Ice

For some fantastic winter hen and stag activities which include snow or ice, get yourselves over to Riga where you can actually go bobsleighing. Just like at the Winter Olympics, this is a full-sized Bobsleigh course for you and your friends to hurtle down. Sat in a bob with you and three of your mates, you’ll hit 80mph; you’ll have adrenaline coming out of your ears!

Snowmobile safari winter hen and stag activity

In Riga they also have the snowmobile safari. Driving snowmobiles in the Latvian wilderness is a perfect winter stag activity, and you may even bump into Father Christmas.

Going on a stag or hen weekend in the winter is just as much fun as going in the summer, just a bit colder! As an SAS man once told me, “it’s the clothing, not the weather”.

If you like the idea of a winter weekend away but don’t know where to go, read my Top 10 Winter Hen and Stag Destinations.

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Images from Flickr by…

Zombies: Gianluca Ramalho Misiti (CC BY 2.0 License)

Quad Biking: Dizzychoonz (CC BY 2.0 License)

Snowmobile: MotoWebMistress (CC BY-ND License)