In no particular order, here is a top 10 list of tips to help you to organise an amazing hen or stag do, directed at the best man/chief bridesmaid/organiser:

1. Communication

Communication is key to a very successful hen or stag do.

We have an abundance of free tech available to us online, including the ability to make a Facebook page, Twitter accounts, Google Plus circles; you could even create an email group so everyone is kept in the know.

Most people have a smart phone these days or a device which connects to the internet, so keeping everyone up to date with where you are going, what you are doing and how much it’s going to cost is incredibly easy.

2. Don’t Budget People Off

One of the worst crimes is to not take into consideration what people can afford, especially the invitees the stag or hen really wants to be there.

So when booking the event/break/weekend make sure you have spoken to the stag or hen and taken onboard their advice on what the budget should be set at. After all, he/she will know their friends better than you.

3. Don’t Be a Shirker

You have paid the deposit, told everyone how much they have to pay, and then sat back and waited for the money to come in. In order to have a successful event you are going to have to work a little harder then that. Remind people almost on a weekly basis, chase them for money like a demented debt collector and reassure yourself that it’s all for the love of your best mate.

Man running over with camera to ask for picture of stag group

4. Have a Drink On It

One of the best ways to come to a decision on what to do is for everyone to meet up in a pub or at someone’s house and thrash it out over a few pints or a couple of glasses of wine. It’s also a great way of meeting other group members who will be going on the hen or stag do with you.

5. Organise Something to Remember

You will want the stag or hen to take something away from their weekend which will sit in their memory banks forever more. So organise a prank, a stripper, a souvenir, or even some really embarrassing fancy dress for them to wear.

6. Battling with Your Conscience

Does the hen or stag pay for their own weekend or break?

When asked to be chief bridesmaid or best man, one of the first thoughts after ‘I am going to get them the best stripper money can buy’ is ‘should he or she pay for their own do?’

So, do you pay for him/her or do you spread the money across the group?

Only you can answer these questions as you will be more aware of your personal circumstances. If you do decide to pay for his or her share and intend to spread the cost amongst the group make sure you have definite numbers, otherwise you may have to pay extra for the people who have dropped out.

7. Keep Everyone Tuned In

One thing you do not need on your stag or hen do (mainly directed at the stags) is everyone drinking far too much by 4pm and spoiling the big night out. Arrange an activity or two to keep the group entertained and away from the bar.

8. Hello Kitty

Having a kitty will elevate any misunderstandings and complaints about buying more drinks than anyone else.

Someone is put in charge of the kitty and requests money from each member of the group. He or she is then in charge of all purchases (mainly drinks and food).

This is also a great way of keeping the group together.

9. Don’t Lose Your Bed

A really important trick when checking people into the hotel is to get everyone to pick up a hotel card from reception. Then if people get lost from the group or need to take an early bath, they have details on where they are sleeping.

10. Enjoy Yourself

This is extremely important.

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Image from Flickr by zoonabar (CC BY-SA 2.0 License)