With the recent news of more and more people drinking less and the average age of a stag now at it’s oldest (33 years old), the activity based stag do is becoming even more popular then ever before. So what activities should you be booking for your stag do?

I suppose first you need to think about at what the groom-to-be is into and what the stag group will be able to do. There is no point booking white water rafting when five of the group can’t swim.

Here is a top 10 list of what stag do activities are being booked at the moment for 2016 and 2017 — it’s in no particular order…

Quad Biking

Possibly one of the most popular activities, ever! Quad Biking has been one of the top activities year after year, but why? You don’t need a driving licence, it’s thrilling, it’s a vehicle you’ll never get to drive unless you’re a farmer, and you get caked in mud. You can do tricks, sometimes get airborne, and they can pretty much drive through anything.

Quad Biking

Bubble Football

Bubble Football is an activity that’s relatively new to the stag do market. Since it came on the scene it has gone from strength to strength. Don’t think of football as you know it, or bubbles for that matter. Think of mayhem, charging at the opposition in a giant Zorb suit and knocking them for six — they don’t even have to have the ball! You will love it!

Bubble Football Stag Do


Paintball is an old codger of the stag activities. The first activity stag dos always included on their weekends is still going strong. The great thing about paintball is the whole group are out in the field bonding, working together to win, and giving you something to talk about later. Just remember a lot of the guys may not have even met each other before the weekend, so an activity with the team working together is perfect.

Paintball stag do

Rage Buggies

The Buggy that everyone wants to race. With speeds of up to 60mph, acceleration that will shove you back in your bucket seat and incredible traction, you will love these beasts.

Rage Buggy


A new phenomenon springing up on Golf courses all around the country, Footgolf is basically a golf course with huge cups on the greens for footballs. The idea is, just like golf, to get the ball in the hole with the least amount of shots.


Indoor Karting

Like Paintball, Indoor Karts have been a firm favourite with stag parties for years. Some new tracks have electric karts which are much faster with better acceleration, but there is no noise from the engines, just squeals from the tyres. What, no petrol fumes? How could they!

Indoor Karting stag activity


Canyoning is a stag do activity totally different to what you have done before. You are supplied with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet, and all you need to bring along is something to wear under your wetsuit (swim shorts or mankini), a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting wet and nerves of steel. You’ll get the chance to jump off ledges of up to 60ft high, explore caves and walk/swim behind waterfalls.


White Water Rafting

You will need your 25 metre swimming badge (not literally), the rest is down to trying to stay aboard whilst getting chucked around the raft by ferocious white water. To be honest, at most of the natural sites you will get a dunking. The best places in the UK in my mind are North Wales and 1.5 hours drive north of Edinburgh.

White Water Rafting


Newquay is a fantastic stag do destination, and what better way to embrace the Cornish life then getting on a surf board whilst eating a pasty. If you have never surfed before or only had a dabble, get your stag group to the beach where you can experience a surf taster session. You’ll be standing up and looking sick in no time.


Pizza Making

A curve ball, but it’s no longer just a hen party activity. Stag groups are now looking at various food orientated activities, including Pizza Making. Set in a restaurant you basically get a Pizzaiolo (professional pizza maker) to show you how to make a decent pizza — there is an art to it you know! As your pizza making lesson will take place in a restaurant there will be a bar to get liquid refreshment and you will sit down at the end of the lesson and consume your masterpiece.


Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Images from…

Quad Biking: Flickr by Dizzychoonz (CC BY 2.0 License)

Bubble Football and Paintball: Designaventure

Rage Buggy: Flickr by William Hook (CC BY-SA 2.0 License)

Footgolf: Flickr by Brian Roberts (CC BY-ND 2.0 License)

Indoor Karting, White Water Rafting, Surfing and Pizza: Pixabay

Canyoning: Flickr by Cyril Bele (CC BY 2.0 License)