Stag dos are not just about throwing yourself about whilst doing full-on activities and then drinking until dawn. The groom-to-be might not be of that inclination. So if the stag prefers the more mature way of life here are some cracking stag do ideas to wet his whistle.

Stag group of older men

A Day at the Races

A horse racing stag do is a great chance to get dressed up, have a few Martinis and bet on a nelly or two. If the stag loves the pompous exuberance of a Royal Event then head to Ascot in June and watch the races with the Queen. Or, if he would enjoy a festival atmosphere, book ladies day in Newcastle, Nottingham or Chepstow.


If the stag loves a tipple or a pint of a frothy bevy there are plenty of places you can go and celebrate his passion. Take a walk around a brewery or distillery and see how it all works. You’ll get chance to taste, compete against each other in various games, and maybe buy a boozy souvenir or two.


Does the stag fancy a spot on Masterchef? If so, maybe a themed cooking stag do would be right up his pressure cooker. There are hundreds of various courses where you can cook, eat and drink.

For example, Weber do fantastic courses in cooking, smoking, roasting and baking, all done on their amazing barbecues. Alternatively, learn about spices and cook up some amazing curries on an Indian Masterclass. If you don’t want to get knee-deep in cooking you could always book a Pizza Making class for a couple of hours.

Become a Fire-Starter

There are various survival courses up and down the country where you can book a half or full day, or even a full weekend. Learn how to build shelters, light fires from just rubbing sticks together, gut a rabbit — the world is your playground.

So if your stag thinks he’s a bit of a Bear Grylls, put him under the survival microscope. You never know, if Armageddon comes you will all be ready!


A gentleman’s game, a weekend sport… whatever label you stick it under, clay pigeon shooting is a fantastic activity for the mature stag. There’s something about seeing your clay smashing into a millions pieces.

If your stag would enjoy a morning sipping whisky out of hip flasks, eating bacon sandwiches and shooting clays out of the sky with a pump action shotgun, this is the activity to choose.

Formula 1 Weekend

A Formula 1 fanatic going to a Grand Prix is like a tiger holidaying at an abattoir. Your stag will love you forever if he loves Lewis Hamilton or Ferrari, and it will be a memory well worth taking into married life.

Also consider that booking a Barcelona or Budapest weekend away is usually cheaper than going to the British Grand Prix.

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Image from Designaventure