It’s a classic question — should the stag or hen pay for their weekend? Remember, the happy couple is about a shell out a lot of money on a wedding. I expect a little financial help wouldn’t go a miss.

If you book through a stag and hen company, the stag or hen often goes for free. But if this isn’t the case then before deciding whether you are going to spread the cost of his or her place there are many factors to consider.

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Things to Consider Before Deciding If You’ll Pay for the Stag/Hen

Has the stag or hen weekend you have arranged reached the top of most people’s budget? If so, adding an extra £10 — £20 may break the bank and they may back out.

Will members of the group think “well hang on, the hen or stag is minted, why should I pay for their do”?

Paying for the stag or hen is a great way of showing gratitude, and if you are a chief bridesmaid or best man reading this then you may feel it’s your duty to look after your best mate as best you can. However, you do have to take other members of the group into consideration.

How to Split the Cost of the Stag/Hen Weekend

Sharing the cost just involves counting up the number of people going and then splitting the total cost between them. Remember though, you’ll need to include the stag/hen in the total cost and then either include or exclude them from the number of people you’re splitting the cost between, depending on whether or not the stag/hen is paying for themself.

What Happens If People Drop Out?

Request a deposit from everyone first as this will give you a good indication of your final number. If you still feel people may drop out after paying a deposit, charge everyone an extra £1 or £2 to cover the shortfall. Any money left over can then go straight into the kitty on the weekend.

What Do Best Men Think?

We did a survey and found out that 58% of best men thought the stag should not pay for his own stag do.

So to conclude, unfortunately there is no hard or fast rule as to whether the stag/hen should pay for their weekend. It’s down to the person organising the stag or hen do to make this decision. Good luck.

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Image from Pixabay