The Brits and camping are somewhat of an institution. Even for the most hardened glamour puss, camping really is the best fun, and so much more versatile than ever before. So if you are stuck for ideas and are going to dare to be different, consider an ‘en vogue’ glamping hen party for the perfect girly getaway.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is glamorous camping, hence the name. We are not talking about ‘Carry On Camping’ here, so don’t go thinking about canvas tents that smell of mould. We are talking about staying in luxury, stylish and well-equipped cute bell tents, tipis or yurts.

Inside of a yurt

These types of accommodation are awesome tribal style tents where you can sleep en masse. Some include wood burners, carpets, proper beds and piles of cushions.

Glamping Activities

On your glamping hen party you can spend your afternoon enjoying another great British tradition, afternoon tea, and your evenings sipping Champagne, cocktails and wine under the stars.

Glamping yurts at night

Some locations offer superb guides who will take you on nature walks, wild food foraging, or to the local pub. You can play a variety of outdoor games, learn how to make lanterns, cocktails or jewellery, build great camp fires, and how to bake in the great outdoors.

For that extra touch of glamour some sites offer hot tubs, saunas, yoga and hula hoop classes.

Did I mention that at most glamping sites all your delicious meals (roast dinner/tagines/curries etc) are prepared for you on the open fire by your resident cook? Is this really camping?

When you are sitting down watching “I’m a Celebrity” and fancy a night out under the stars for your hen night, don’t slum it in the Australian outback with all those creepy crawlies. Head to a glamping site in the UK and get close to Mother Nature, without having to sleep with her.

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Images from…

Yurt Interior: Pixabay

Yurts: Flickr by -5m (CC BY-SA 2.0 License)