Marco Walker explains why you should seriously consider hen/stag insurance for your weekend away, and what you’ll be covered for…

Let’s paint a picture here. You have booked your stag do or hen party and you have gone out and bought your fancy dress outfits, arranged transport to get there and put aside enough money for food and booze.

The thought of actually buying hen or stag insurance may seem a little over the top, especially if you are staying in the UK. But what happens if at the last minute something dreadful happens and you cannot make the weekend?

Insurance definition in dictionary

Cancellation insurance is there to protect your money, so if you cannot make your weekend away due to a problem beyond your control, insurance companies will usually refund your money.

What Hen/Stag Insurance Will Cover You For

A full comprehensive insurance not only covers cancellation, it can also cover you for:

  • Medical emergencies (emergency medical treatment and emergency transport home)
  • Theft or loss of personal possessions
  • Personal accident cover if you are injured
  • Legal costs associated with accidents or injuries
  • Personal liability in the event that you injure someone

Most insurers won’t cover you for:

  • If a war breaks out (although some cover terrorist attacks)
  • Interruption or cancellation of your trip due to business or contractual commitments
  • Self inflicted injuries
  • Mental or nervous disorders

You cannot predict the future, so why not insure against it?

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Image from Flickr by Alan Cleaver (CC BY 2.0 License)