A hen weekend is a momentous occasion — a celebration of your formative single years. However, it’s still important to keep an eye on the hen party kitty. This kitty has to stretch to an unprecedented amount of cocktails (and takeaways), as well as a spot of retail therapy if you’re feeling a tad rough after celebrating. But don’t panic. Lauren of Last Night of Freedom has rounded up the finest, budget-friendly hen party locations…


Benidorm is a hen do haven. The town has a huge and unbelievably lively reputation.

Benidorm - Budget-Friendly Hen Party Location

A popular location for hen groups the world over for many years, it’s not showing any sign of age. The beaches are golden, the drinks are strong, the bars are lively and the clubs are mind-blowing. Benidorm certainly makes no bones about its lifestyle. It will sweep you up in a heady haze of sangria and leave you with a cheeky Benidorm twinkle in your eye.

Also, the price of vino is enough to attract hordes of like-minded folk. The average glass of wine is around €1 — €2 (that’s only £1.00 to £1.60), and you can even pick up bottles of wine at the supermarket from as little as €3 (£2.40).

Benidorm hen packages start from a mere £79 per person — perfect for a whirlwind 48 hours.


Once thought of as a stag weekend location, Prague has undergone a makeover — and this city is beautiful.

Prague - Budget-Friendly Hen Party Location

The capital is a hotbed of historic and breathtaking landmarks, such as the beautiful Old Town and Charles Bridge, as well as late-night bars and underground clubs. The nightlife is world-famous (it isn’t one of our most popular locations for nothing) and the prices are even better. A famously budget-friendly hen party location, a crisp glass of wine will set you back as little as 53czk (£1.50) in Prague. Also, a three course meal, with a bottle of house wine thrown in for good measure, could be a mere 709cz (£21).

For those who want to experience all of Prague and explore the picturesque city, you can get a ticket for the bus, tram and subway for 32czk (£1) for 90 minutes, and 24czk (just 72p) for 60 minutes.

You can get your hands on Prague hen weekend packages from only £85 per person. What are you waiting for?


Budapest has long been a sought after location for hen weekends, and the price of alcohol is one of the many factors.

Budapest - Budget-Friendly Hen Party Location

This spectacular city may have the Széchenyi Thermal Baths, the largest medicinal bath in Europe, a globally-renowned nightlife and fabulous shopping districts, but it is also, officially, the cheapest location in Europe for booze. Whilst cocktails may take up a large portion of the kitty in the UK, you can sip cosmos and mojitos from 1361.36 HUF (£3.70 in Blighty), or go straight to the wine at 327.73 HUF (91p).

Similar to Prague, you can head further afield with a ‘Daily Ticket’, valid for 24 hours, for 1454.99 HUF (£4.04). This will give you unlimited travel on the bus, tram, underground, trolleys, cogwheel railway and local trains within the city.

Did I mention you can celebrate in style for £96 per person, with our best Budapest hen packages?


Hamburg is Germany’s shopping mecca.

Hamburg - Budget-Friendly Hen Party Location

This incredible city is bursting at the seams with unparalleled atmosphere, cultural attractions (this place is home to one of Europe’s biggest and oldest funfairs, as well as the Hamburg Port Festival) and cheap-as-chips wine. A bottle of house red or white will take just €3.10 (£2.50) from the hen party kitty. An average main meal to soak up all of that delicious grape juice will only cost around €9 (£7.20) too.

Hamburg is still relatively new on the hen do front, but it’s one of Europe’s finest, cosmopolitan cities. Fabulous Hamburg hen packages start at just £99 per person.


Of course, I had to include bonny Blackpool in the budget-friendly hen party list.

Blackpool - Budget-Friendly Hen Party Location

This hen do destination has been around for years, and it’s only getting better. The loud, brash and unashamedly lively location has a world-renowned reputation for cheap and cheerful memories. And it has a beach solely dedicated to pleasure — that’s a win in our books.

This haven has wine for around £2.50 a glass, and pints at an average of £2.30. Moreover, you won’t find a place with more enticing happy hours than our very own Disneyworld by the sea.

Blackpool hen packages start from £49 per person — it’s going to be a fun, cocktail-filled hen weekend.

Guest post by Lauren Green of Last Night of Freedom