If you have decided to get married next month on a whim, or you have just decided after loads of pressure from your mates to have a hen or stag do, then I hope these tips for booking last minute will help.

Set a Date and Location

As you are on the hop, first things first — set a date and destination immediately, then keep to the plan. Once you start working around people you may never get the event booked (unless the groom or best man can’t make it, that is!).

“I Can Only Make the…”

At such short notice, some of your mates may only be able to make the daytime activities or stay for one night, so be flexible. Make sure you have prices available for people only doing part of the event.

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Be Prepared for a Smaller Group

When booking a last minute hen or stag party you may even find only a handful of people will be able to commit. People have busy lives, and some may not be able to get childcare etc, so don’t get discourage or down if only four to six people book. Look at it in a positive way — a smaller group is easier to handle.

Communication is Key

Try and get everyone’s email or mobile number so you can keep everyone up to date and in the loop. Having their email is ideal as that way you can send them over the itinerary and hotel/activity details.

Get Payment Before Booking

Payment up front is a must. Once people have committed they need to show you the colour of their money. The last thing you want is a hotel bill for 10 people and only six people turn up. My advice on this is to only book for people who have paid you, unless you totally trust them.

Choose the Right Activity

Pick an activity that’s fun and easy to book, such as Cocktail Making, Pizza Making or, for the more adventurous, Canyoning or Paintball. These activities are usually easier to book last minute.

Be Flexible on Activities and Accommodation

You may find, especially in the summer months, availability for some activities and accommodation is tight. You may not be able to book the Rage Buggies for the day/time you want, or the 4 star hotels may be full and you’ll have to go for a 3 star.

However, as the group is usually smaller when booking a last minute hen or stag party, accommodation may actually be easier to find. Booking three rooms as opposed to 10 is generally simpler, and sharing beds will also open up a bigger choice of hotels to your group.

Book Through an Organiser

If you really want to save time and hassle then call a hen or stag do organiser. They should have up to the minute availability, and booking everything under one telephone number will help a lot.

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Image from Pixabay