Every day you wake with the choice to see the good or bad in yourself, others, and life. To enjoy life more you should get into the habit of taking a few moments to remember the positive things that happened each day. It can be tempting, easy, and automatic to think about and dwell on the ‘bad’ things that happen. However, it is a much more pleasant experience to choose the happy moments.

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Do you consider yourself to be an optimistic, glass half-full type of person? Or, are you a pessimist, who sees the glass as half-empty? Regardless of which one you categorise yourself as, you have the ability to choose an optimistic outlook.

Choose to Be an Optimist

There is nothing wrong with routine, but don’t allow your daily routine of life to become boring, or to lack love and affection. Do something on a regular basis to keep the vitality of life and your relationship alive.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive or extravagant gift or activity — the small, simple, and free things count just as much, if not more. Enjoy today with your partner — go for a walk together and enjoy your surroundings. Never miss an opportunity to express your gratitude to them and for them. Say ‘thank you’ and/or pay a compliment to each other, as well as those around you. Choose to have an optimistic view of life and you will soon find more positive thoughts will naturally occupy your mind.

You have chosen to make a big change, and you should value and cherish every minute of this unique time of your life. Create a memory book with pictures, newspaper inserts, well-wishing cards from those you love, and notes the two of you have shared. Over the years you will have compiled a collection of joyful memories, and you can store them in a box and open them on your silver wedding anniversary. What an exciting experience you’ll have to look forward to and a beautiful walk down memory lane it will be 25 years after saying ‘I do’.

Quick Tips:

  • Happiness is a choice. Choose to think positive thoughts and a positive attitude and behaviour will naturally follow.
  • Smile more. If nothing in your present is reason to smile, recall a time, memory, person, or words that make you smile. Do this when you find yourself thinking pessimistically.
  • Laugh often. Be able to laugh at yourself, especially over the silly things you do or forget to do.
  • Say ‘I love you’. No one can hear the words enough; tell your partner you love them, today and every day!

Guest post by Carole Spiers, Love and Relationship Expert

Image from Pixabay