We all have different skin tones, so what can we do to ensure we have the right foundation choice and tones for our wedding make-up?

Wedding Make-Up for Pale Skin Tones

Bride with Pale Skin Tone


For all tones it is very important to get your base (foundation) spot on. If you are buying a foundation it is always worthwhile testing it on your skin at a make-up counter. This way you can ensure a good match and you will get to feel the texture on the skin.

Your hair is made up of lots of different colours, and your skin is no different. Pale skin is prone to being a little pink in places, especially when you are nervous or have maybe had a little glass of bubbly to settle your nerves.

For very red skin you can use a green colour corrector which works brilliantly. Take note ladies, the motto is ‘less is more’ with this product, unless you like the Jolly Green Giant look!


Once you have evened out the skin tone it is actually very nice to have pink tones on the cheeks for that English Rose look. If this is a no-no then coral tones will give you a peaches and cream complexion.


Lips should be kept very natural so no dark colours, however reds work well with a porcelain look.

Wedding Make-Up for Tanned Skin Tones

Bride with Tanned Skin Tone Having Hair and Make-Up Done


Tanned skin is beautiful to work with. Sometimes a tan evens out the skin tone and eliminates the need for foundation. If the skin is free from flaws I would recommend a tinted moisturiser and some mattifying cream on the T-zone.


I love corals and sun kissed bronzers for extra definition.


I love light toffee nude tones.

Wedding Make-Up for Coloured Skin Tones

Coloured skin can be all different spectrums of colour, from pale Asian skin tones to dark Afro-Caribbean.

Wedding Make-Up for Asian Skin Tones

Bride with Asian Skin Tone


For foundation on Asian skin tones it is great to add a little olive to warm up the face. Often Asian skin can have quite dark circles, and it is important to use the correct under eye concealer as too light will look very odd instead of flawless.


Eyes are a wonderful feature in Asian ladies as we can afford to go for it with definition and colour on these dark eyes. We definitely have to enhance those amazing lashes that are so abundant.


Lips can be bold too, with plums, berries and browns being a brilliant match.

Wedding Make-Up for Dark Skin Tones

Bride with Dark Skin Tone


For dark skin tones a nice well matched foundation will add depth and allow the flawless look to shine through. In my experience darker skin tones look very youthful and radiant.


Plums and darker hues look great on these wonderful eyes.


I love Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. It adds a beautiful highlighting effect making the cheekbones pop.


Usually Afro-Caribbean ladies have very full and beautiful lips and they should be shown off to their full potential. Even a clear gloss makes these lips dazzle.

The most foolproof way to have amazing skin is to drink lots of water, get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and to seek a professional make-up artist to help on your wedding day. They work with different skin tones every day and will be able to match you beautifully to give you that flawless look.

Guest post by Alexis Daly

Images from…

Pale Skin Tone: Anna Marie Photography

Tanned Skin Tone: Lena Love Light

Asian Skin Tone: Nick Rose Photography

Dark Skin Tone: Cristina Rossi Photography