What do you do when your hair stylist tells you with a carefree smile not to wash your hair on the day of your wedding?

This is a request often asked of many brides, and is usually met with a horrified expression followed by lots of questions. But please don’t worry; it will be ok and there are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair on your wedding morning.

Bride having hair washed

Washed Hair is Harder to Manage

Hair can be difficult to manage when first washed. It slips and slides and certainly won’t withhold a whole day of boisterous cuddling from your relatives or an evening of dancing.

It’s recommended that you should wash your hair the evening before the wedding and add some mousse for a better texture. This will make your hair nice and malleable for preening and coiffing on the wedding day.

Also, if there are any flowers, accessories or a veil to attach then your hair mustn’t be slippery. You don’t want to watch your veil blow off into the sunset. As much as it might delight your photographer, it’s not one for the album.

Clean, Shiny Looking Hair

One of the main concerns about not washing your hair on the wedding morning is that it won’t look clean and glossy. But this little secret for keeping it looking shiny is simple… Just have the front section of your hair washed and blow-dried. The result is beautiful wedding hair that will stay put.

Bride having front of hair blow-dried after washing

There a few exceptions to the rule. For example, ladies with very fine and oily hair will need to talk to their hair stylist about reaching a compromise. Every bride has a different hair type and this is always taken into consideration.

So, when your stylist asks you not to wash your hair on your wedding morning, rest assured it’s all under control. You can enjoy your day, veil, curls, pins and, best of all, smile intact!

Guest post by Alexis Daly

Images from Especially Amy