Groomsmen, read on to find out how important good grooming is on the wedding day.


A great haircut is a must, so unless you’ve got very short hair aim to get a cut a week before the wedding. Guys with very short hair should have it cut two or three days before.

Man having hair cut

There are plenty of professional high-end barber shop or men’s salons for you to try. You might pay a bit more but the extra cost will be worth it (ask for a relaxing head and scalp massage at the basin… heaven!).

Tip: Don’t change your hairstyle or hairdresser just before the wedding as you won’t have time to regrow a ‘bad’ haircut. Test a month or so before and once you are happy repeat a week before your wedding day.


If a beard is part of your normal look don’t be tempted to shave it off… we don’t want to upset the bride! Just make sure you invest in either purchasing a good quality trimmer or having your beard professionally trimmed and shaped.

Groomhaving his beard trimmed before wedding

Using a trimmer can be very messy, with either beard clippings on the floor or blocking up the sink. Dare I say this is a sore point in my household; as much as I try to hide the evidence I always manage to leave little traces of hair everywhere. I was therefore very excited when Remington brought out their clever invention of the Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit. One of its many fabulous features is a vacuum that collects beard clippings as you trim, storing them away in an easy-to-empty chamber.


If you normally sport a clean shaven look, a smooth shave is very important for your wedding day. Cuts and bumps are a big no-no, so opt for good quality products and tools to prevent any sticky plasters or cotton wool scenarios.

Touching groom's face after last shave

It has taken a few years to master the perfect razor, but King of Shaves has introduced the Hyperglide Razor! The Hyperglide features a super hydrophilic self-lubricating cartridge. This creates its own slippery HydroGel over the entire front shaving surface when it comes into contact with water, delivering a fabulous shave glide, comfort and closeness. A shaved face will make you look well groomed and fresh.

Tip: Why not indulge and treat you and your groomsmen to a professional wedding day grooming treatment at a high-end barber shop. It’s a perfect bonding experience and a great way to ensure you all look your very best for the wedding.

Guest post by Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection

Images from…

Haircut: Rita Steenssens of Studio 1079

Beard Trimming: Lara Hotz Photography

Shave: Lily and Frank Photography