The terminology of colour pop and contoured make-up has been used in the industry for many years, but it’s only recently that it’s become mainstream and exploded onto the mass market. ‘Colour popping’ is the art of layering make-up products to enhance your natural features.

Here are a few tips for layering make-up products to create a contoured look, along with some of my favourite products for achieving ‘colour pop’ bridal make-up.

Working with Shades

When shading make-up on your face remember that darker shades will slim the area, lighter shades will lift and highlight. For instance, if you use a lighter shade on the brow bone this will give the illusion of the eye being lifted. I then use a darker shade in the socket of the eye to really make the eyes stand out.

Shaded Make-Up Created by Layering Products

I often also use a white eyeliner on the inside of the eye (your wet line). This creates the illusion of the whites of your eyes being bigger, whereas dark eyeliner will reduce the size of the eyes, creating a more sultry look.

When giving the cheek bones a lifted look, and cheeks a colour pop, I tend to use three shades. A lighter shade or shimmer on the cheek bones will give them a lightened, lifted look. This also looks great on camera as it really catches the light.

A favourite product of mine is actually an eyeshadow pigment by MAC. This product has beautiful iridescent shades which really catch the light.

Below the cheek bone I use a darker shade of blush or bronzer. Applied with an angled brush, this creates a more sculptured cheekbone by slimming the face. The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact is great for creating this effect.

To complete the highlighted cheek effect I then add a pop of colour blush (pink or peach shades are great for this). This will really bring out your cheeks. Apply this to the apples of your cheeks (if you’re not sure where the apples are, just smile and you will see them).

Colour Pop Lips

You can also colour pop your lips to make them look fuller. To do this apply your chosen shade of lipstick and then apply a lighter shade in the middle of your lips.

Colour Pop Lips Make-Up Look

This trick is also where a white eyeliner can come into play, by applying a small amount to the centre of your lips and then dabbing it with your finger to blend.

Colour popping can be as gentle or dramatic as you like. I suggest trialling beforehand as it can take a little practice to achieve your desired look.

Guest post by Claire Salter

Images from Sarah Jones Photography and Lucy Photography