With any look, lashes do so much to frame the eyes. So, to make sure yours are looking beautiful and effortless on your wedding day, and all those happy tears won’t wash them away, here are my top lash and mascara tips…

Lina Cameron's Eyelashes on Wedding Day

Double Tint Your Lashes

My number one tip is to have your lashes professionally tinted in blue black, or black blue. I usually would do it twice, one after the other. This practice is very unusual, but it works wonders. I’ve found that if I tint the lashes twice I manage to cover the lashes on the second tint that I missed during the first. This ensures I tint every lash and don’t miss any.

By double tinting your lashes you don’t have to wear mascara on your lower lash line if you wish to get a more natural look, or if you are worried about your mascara smudging.

Best Wedding Mascara

My number one mascara for weddings is Maybelline Great Lash in ‘Blackest Black’. It is very affordable and for years it has been my absolute favourite mascara for brides.


Make sure you apply black and brown eyeliner between your top lashes. Note: it is not the line on top of an eyelid; this is the space between your lashes, an area so often forgotten about. This will ensure that your eyes and lashes truly stand out.

Permanent, Individual Lashes

I strongly recommend that every bride has permanent, individual lashes applied, as they change the look of every eye shape for better. Find the best expert in your area. In London this service with an expert costs around £120-150, however it may be cheaper outside of the city.

By following these simple tips your eyes will be beautiful, defined, captivating, and happy tear proof!

Guest post by Lina Cameron

Image from Polly Alexandre Photography