You’ve planned your wedding day and now it’s time to get your suitcase packed with all those honeymoon beauty essentials. You’ll want to maintain your ‘just married glow’ throughout your honeymoon, wherever you may be!

Example of make-up look


An effective way to keep yourself looking beautiful and polished, without much daily effort, is by having LVL lash lift treatment. This is a lash-boosting technique that creates length, volume and lift. Your lashes will stay curled and appear longer for up to five weeks. From the moment you wake up your eyes will look wider, brighter and lifted. There’s no eyelash curler needed and no lash extensions in sight; all your own lashes!


Get your eyebrows shaped and tinted before your honeymoon (or wedding day if you’re going away straight after) so that you don’t need to worry about filling them in every day. Just brush them through in the morning and voilà!


Waterproof cream eyeshadow will add a healthy look to your eyes. A gentle bronzy colour like NYX Professional Makeup Infinite Shadow Stick in Bronze or Rose Gold shades will look incredible when highlighted by the sun.

NYX Professional Makeup Infinite Shadow Stick


To ensure your mascara doesn’t run whilst swimming, diving and surfing (or just lounging on the beach) then opt for a waterproof mascara. I’d recommend something like Hypnôse Waterproof Mascara by Lancôme. It will stay put in and out of water, and you’ll need a good make-up remover to remove it!

Hypnose Waterproof Mascara

Lips and Cheeks

To get your lips and cheeks blushing with healthy radiance and a bit of colour, use a multi-tasking cream stick like the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick. Look like a beach babe in an instant!

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick

Tinted Moisturiser

A good, tinted moisturiser will keep your face glowing with natural radiance, protect it from sun damage and provide a hint of coverage. One of my personal favourites and loved by many of my clients is Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser by Chantecaille.

Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser by Chantecaille

Of course you don’t want sunburn anywhere. Use something like Passionflower and Argan Dry Oil SPF50 by Vita Liberata, as you can apply it on the face, body and hair. It’s a great multi-tasker!

Passionflower and Argan Dry Oil SPF50

Skin Rehydration

Skin becomes dehydrated and sensitised if exposed to the sun, sea and swimming pool water for long periods of time. All this beach life with long strolls in the sun needs some damage control. To rehydrate and sooth use Hampton Sun Hydrating Aloe Continuous Mist. Just spray it all over and you’ll feel instant relief from any redness and tightness.

Hampton Sun Hydrating Aloe Continuous Mist


Have your manicure done and nails applied with high-performance Shellac polish, which lasts for two to three weeks. This long-lasting nail varnish will ensure that your hands look polished, showcasing your new wedding ring in the best possible way!

Shellac Polish

Pre-Honeymoon Skin Maintenance

For pre-wedding (and pre-honeymoon) skin maintenance, introduce healthy green smoothies into your diet. Perhaps replace one meal a day with a fruit and/or vegetable smoothie. Also, drink lots of herbal teas and eat avocado and oily fish. You’ll naturally look amazing when gently tanned by the sun’s rays.

Guest post by Kristina Gasperas

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