When it comes to eyelash curlers, first off, the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is simply the best! To my mind it is the only eyelash curler that really delivers and gets the most out of your lashes.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

So many of my clients do not use an eyelash curler, even if they own one, because they are afraid of pinching themselves or damaging their lashes. Here’s how to avoid these two common problems:

  1. Curl clean lashes at home and it is totally safe. Don’t do it in the back of a moving taxi like I once did, almost ripping my lashes off as the car went over a speed bump.
  2. Use one hand to curl the eyelashes and, before squeezing the handles of the eyelash curler, use your other hand to pull the eyelid up. This will keep your skin away from the metal.

Use the Right Tool

Ladies, make sure you invest in a quality eyelash curler — do not waste your money on a high street one. It won’t work and will never give you the results you see on the pages of magazines.

If you have very high cheekbones and cannot get all your lashes in an eyelash curler, try the MAC Half Lash Curler.

For those women thinking there is no way they will ever get this torture instrument near their eyes, take a look at the Laura Mercier Plastic Eyelash Curler. It has never worked as well for me as the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, but I still have one in my studio and it is the second best option.

Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

After Curling

It’s important that once you have curled your lashes and your eyes look really open you apply a waterproof mascara, as it will be an oil based formulation. Non-waterproof mascara is water based, and any water on the hair will just smooth it back to its original position.

Guest post by Lina Cameron

Images from product manufacturers