‘The customer is always right’. Do you agree or disagree? This phrase was famously coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909. The founder of Selfridge’s department store in London, Harry probably had no idea that this expression would be as relevant today as it was over 110 years ago.

It’s hugely important to listen to customer feedback because styles and tastes are ever-changing. The soon-to-be-married couples of today now have a desire to wed in something just a little different; fine Tweed garments, to be precise.

Tweed is a classic fabric that never fails to impress. A tweed outfit has a quintessentially stylish touch that no other ensemble can quite get close to, no matter how hard they try.

Groom Wearing Blue Suit with Tweed Check Waitcoat

Interestingly, the original name of the cloth wasn’t actually tweed — it was ‘tweel’. However, due to a London merchant misinterpreting some handwriting in a letter from a Hawick firm, Watson & Sons, it has been advertised as tweed ever since. That was over 180 years ago!

Tweed Check

Stunning tweed check is definitely the most on-trend groomswear look for weddings. Tweed check waistcoat, tie or bow tie and hankie, in blue or Grey. Your entire wedding party can have a fully co-ordinated look too.

Groom Wearing Grey Suit with Tweed Check Waistcoat

The flexibility to mix and match tweed check waistcoats with different suit combinations is one of its real core strengths. This contrast of fabrics and colours allows for many different possibilities. Mix it up a stage further by having the groom wear a tweed check bow tie and the groomsmen wear tweed check ties.

So now when a customer asks: “Have you got something in tweed?” Check.

“And have you got something in check?” Check.

“Ah, but have you got something in tweed check?” Check!

Guest post by Chris Burns of Young’s Hire

Images from Young’s Hire