A pageboy’s outfit is usually decided by what the grown-ups are wearing, their age, or their actual role. Some boys are dressed up because his dad is best man, or he is the son of a groom. Of course, if he has a role such as ring bearer then perhaps a more classic pageboy outfit may be chosen.

Outfit Options

Finding suits for children is never easy, especially decent ones, so hire is often the only option. Decent formal wear stores will carry identical suits for boys as they carry for men, ensuring coordination.

Pageboy in Suit

If this is too grown up or the child is very young, then perhaps an outfit along the lines of a sailor suit, or some knickerbockers and waistcoat, frilly shirt; the whole shebang. The latter isn’t so popular, probably due to more and more suppliers offering a decent alternative to ensure a more mature coordination with the men.

Pageboy in Shorts

Pageboy in Braces and Bow Tie

Pageboy in Green Velvet Jacket

Of course, pageboys tend to have to link in with the bridesmaids’ colour scheme. This can determine their outfit, but normally a mix of the groomsmen’s suit style along with the bridesmaids’ colour scheme is possible.

One thing is for certain — a well-dressed pageboy will steal the show.

Guest post by Stephen Bishop

Images from…

Pageboy in Suit: Michelle Lindsell

Pageboy in Shorts: David Walters Photography

Pageboy in Braces and Bow Tie: Heather and Jared Photography

Pageboy in Green Velvet Jacket: Aaron Collett Photography