What groomswear do you wear for a summer or beach wedding? Lightweight, is my answer. Even in dear old England summers can be warm, often humid, so a lighter weight suit should be more comfortable.

Unfortunately some formal wear stores offer thicker, more durable suit fabrics so they can achieve optimum wear per item at lower prices. I don’t agree with this policy at all. It is a wedding after all, so surely quality is a must. I don’t see the logic in supplying, let alone wearing, what amounts to winter weight fabrics for a summer wedding. Lightweight, modern and relevant coloured groomswear is the way forward I feel.

Beach Weddings

Beach wedding attire is a very iffy and contentious subject. Personally I love the loose linen rolled up trouser, baggy linen shirt with a Panama hat look. However, I am not sure how ‘formal’ it is.

Groom Wearing Open Shirt and Linen Trousers for Beach Wedding

When I see this type of picture I love it, but then the chap is next to a bride in a full blown wedding dress. This is not a good mix in my eyes, so what about a nice, trendy fitted suit, in a lightweight, light brown or grey fabric? Smart, modern, comfortable and in keeping with the bride.

Groom in Grey Suit with Bride

Tie? I say a smart open neck shirt — no tie. What shoes, if any? This is another big question. Whatever your decision your trouser shape/bottoms need to be adjusted accordingly. I think a darker suit exudes a more formal look, so should have a smart shoe worn with it. But to dress things down a bit, a light tan or light brown lace up will give off both a smart yet slightly dressed down look. If you choose a loose, lighter suit then open toe/sandals — why not?

Summer Weddings

Summer wedding suits can be a tad tricky given the seemingly constant “isn’t black a bit harsh for summer?” comments. I agree, but with the right accessories you can even jazz black up a bit.

Groom in Bright Blue Suit with Bride

Generally speaking it is the other colours on offer, such as shades of grey, brown, and blue, grooms choose instead. Along with ivory accessories to match the bride, and neckwear such as purple, turquoise or fuchsia, you can achieve lively and summery looks.

Groom in Grey Suit and Brown Shoes

Remember, the fit of your wedding suit is just as important as the colour and weight of fabric that you choose. Fabric and colour is one thing but an ill-fitting suit is another.

One of the biggest battles I have dressing the modern man is the ‘fitted’ thing. Of course you want to be as modern and trendy in formal wear as you possibly can. But think long day, nerves, a boogie or a badly rehearsed Blues Brothers tribute dance. So, focus on fit and comfort as well as colour and style.

Guest post by Stephen Bishop

Images from…

Groom Wearing Shirt and Linen Trousers: Lancashire Weddings

Groom in Grey Suit with Bride: Lacie Hansen

Groom in Blue Suit: Jonny Barratt Photography

Groom in Grey Suit: Jess Yarwood Photography