It really niggles me when you see a decent suit, irrespective of the style, and then you see the most awful shoe, waistcoat, or other accessories worn with it. To me this can ‘cheapen’ even the most expensive suit, and if you have groomsmen you simply multiply or highlight this fact.


Groom with Plain White Shirt Fastening Cufflinks

So you have your wedding suit; what next? A decent shirt is a start, but I advise a proper double cuff version requiring cufflinks. Correct etiquette yes, but also a very classy look. Cufflinks are also a great gift for your best man or all your groomsmen. I use fitted and semi fit shirt styles in whatever I do. Some hire shirts are simply massive and make look like you are Arnold Schwarzenegger!


Groom Wearing Waistcoat in Ceremony

For some suit styles you may need a waistcoat. This can either add a huge element of style or damage the look. Typical hire waistcoats are a tad cheap, ill-fitting and frankly don’t ‘blend’ with your outfit. I believe a waistcoat can make or break an entire outfit, so choose pure fabrics and relevant patterns to ensure class, fit and relevance.


There are a few choices when it comes to wedding neckwear, and I’ve written a whole post on this topic which can you read by following the link.


Groom Tying Shoes

Shoes are the most important accessory. Wearing brown shoes with a suit at a formal event — no. That’s my opinion. I actually don’t mind this in general, but I do believe it can take the look of the outfit you create for a formal event into the realms of casual. To me a slick black, preferably patent shoe is a better choice, especially in a group look scenario.

Whether they are brown, black or bright pink shoes, a matching or coordinated group look must have some thought given to the footwear.

Oh dear, I have just had a thought — I sound just like my dad.

Guest post by Stephen Bishop

Images from…

Shirt: Tegyn Friedman Photography

Groom Wearing Waistcoat: Jen Marino Photography

Tying Shoes: Plain Jane Photography