With so many things to think about when organising your wedding, booking your entertainment can end up at the bottom of the list. I’ve put together the five main reasons why it is important you book your wedding entertainment early.

The Act You Want is More Likely to Be Available

There is only one of every entertainment act. Yes, there are lots of different acts within the same style or genre, but often, as with dresses or venues, you will find ‘the one’. If they are already booked for your wedding date there is nothing you can do about it.

Wedding Band Guitarist

So, if you want to book the wedding band you love who do exactly the set list you want, or the Del Boy lookalike to surprise your guests during the speeches, then you should be looking to book them at least 12 months in advance.

You May Get a Better Price

For a start, petrol prices rarely go down, so if you book your wedding band or act in advance they will work out their travel costs based on current prices. Once you have booked their fee will not change, so you will inadvertently receive a discounted price. Also, the more popular acts become the more they charge — as with most things in life it’s all about supply and demand. Bearing this in mind, if you book them nice and early you could in effect get in there before their prices increase and bag yourself a bargain. For more ways to save money on wedding band read How to get the Best Deal On Your Wedding Band.

They’ll Have More Time to Prepare

With most wedding entertainment there is not too much to plan for in advance, but there are still a few things to consider. For example, if you want your wedding band to learn your first dance song you should give them plenty of notice. This will allow them enough time to do this without having to book in a specific rehearsal and therefore charge extra.

Wedding First Dance

If you want to hire something more unique and quirky such as a living table or stilt walker you could discuss their outfits and the possibility of bespoke costumes to fit in with your colour scheme or style.

You’ll Have More Flexibility

The sooner you book, the more flexibility and options you gain. For example, if you wanted to augment the line up to your wedding band with a sax player or an extra singer, they will more likely have availability for this 12 months in advance than just a couple of months before. Or, if you are booking a caricaturist for your drinks reception but are a little unsure on timings, as caricaturists will often do two or three bookings per day, if you book in advance you will have first pick of the timings rather than having to try and fit in with what they already have booked.

It Will Give You Piece of Mind

This one is easy — book it and tick it off your ever-growing list! If you book via a reputable agency you will have piece of mind that your booking and deposit are safe and they have full terms and conditions to cover all eventualities. Also, you generally only have to pay a small deposit upfront and then the rest on the day. This will help you budget and give you time to save and add to your wedding fund.

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

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Guitarist: Kari Bellamy Photography

First Dance: Lara Hotz Photography