The mention of an Irish theme, or the thought of hiring a band from the Emerald Isle for your wedding is enough to send anyone’s pulse racing. High-energy songs that encourage dancing, and vibrant, earthy lyrics to shake your soul. If you and your guests are up for a wedding night of fun and entertainment, then go for a live Irish band!

When you book your wedding entertainment there are bound to be sleepless nights. Do you pick something you like, consider your closest friends and family, or appeal to the younger guests? Live Irish bands tick so many boxes and provide multiple options at your wedding function. With pop, rock, folk and punk influences, there’s something for everyone.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider enjoying the craic (fun) of hiring an Irish band for your wedding…

A Visual Celebration

Irish bands look great! Listening to the most accomplished guitarist or pianist in the world can be an amazing experience, but it might not encourage you to let loose on the dance floor. Let’s face it, that’s what you need at your wedding. Irish bands have a certain charm, a trait that many would love to bottle and sell to the masses. They put a smile on your face, amuse, entertain and cajole even the dourest guest.

Irish band Dai and the Dusty Keys

Perhaps it’s the costume, a mix of fabulous colours and textures, hats and waistcoats, the occasional splash of tartan. And don’t forget the beards! Whatever… Irish musicians celebrate their folk roots and bring colour and authenticity to any setting.

Add a dazzling array of unique instruments that complement the costumes, and it’s a recipe to excite. Frantic fiddles, booming bass, wacky whistles and bonkers bodhráns (drums) mean than a live Irish band is a sensational show. It’s a feast for the eyes!

Sing-a-Long Success!

The best parties get guests involved. That includes tapping your feet, clapping hands, and ideally having an audience chorus to lift the roof. That means singing!

Irish bands can rattle off countless favourites, and teach your guests as they play. Simple phrases, lines and maybe a chorus; people who normally resist won’t be able to stop themselves joining in the celebration.

The warm smiles, kind eyes and easy-going nature are only half the story. There must be magic in the air, because it’s impossible to resist what live Irish bands offer.

Dance the Night Away

The awkward moment for many wedding couples is the first dance, even for those who think they have a few fancy moves in their locker. Hundreds of onlookers, often expecting something choreographed; that can be intimidating!

With an Irish band on your side you can relax. The lead singer will narrate, easing you into that first romantic embrace. The sound of a fiddle will instantly lift the mood and you will soon find yourself surrounded as the infectious vibe draws everyone around you.

People dancing to Irish band

Irish jigs and more traditional music arrangements will always fill the dance floor, but don’t forget traditional barn dances or the Ceilidh. Let your hair down as the ‘caller’ directs you, prompting easy dance steps and movements that you will all learn quickly. Casual, fun and carefree, the band members are friendly by nature and keen to see everyone enjoying themselves. Just go with the flow.

Luck of the Irish

There are plenty of superstitions and customs that accompany the wedding day, from the bride not showing the groom her dress, to throwing rice and being carried across the threshold. Why not throw the luck of the Irish into your wedding day mix? That irresistible combination of charm, flair, talent and roguishness is a sure-fire winner.

Irish bands don’t just play a few tunes, they perform stories. It’s impossible to pigeon-hole the musicians from this exciting genre as they live and breathe entertainment. Their inherent love of life and music will rub off to deliver one of the best nights imaginable.

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

Images from Warble Entertainment