Planning a wedding can be tricky when you’re trying to get your budget to stretch. Making sure you get the best price for everything is a must, so here are five ways you can get amazing wedding entertainment on a budget.

Book Off-Peak

Most couples are well aware that you can save money on most aspects of your wedding when booking outside of those busy summer months or midweek. But did you know that for great wedding entertainment on a budget, most acts will do deals and discounts for out of season weddings? Take advantage of this and consider having your wedding take place in early spring, autumn or winter.

Bride and Groom Dancing to Wedding Band

Book Early

Booking your wedding entertainment early is always a good idea, even if just to ensure that you get your first choice act for your wedding date. Booking early can also be a useful tool in getting a great price as well.

Wedding Guests Dancing with Arms in the Air

Just like your favourite bands that you listen to in the charts, wedding bands and entertainment acts grow in popularity throughout the year. To match this rise in demand you will often see their prices rise too. Book these acts early, before this popularity spike, to get them at their best price.

Book Local

Travel costs, petrol, accommodation… all these things and more factor into the final price that you pay for your entertainment. If you’re looking for wedding entertainment on a budget, getting an act that operates within a close enough range to your venue will make things just that bit easier, and cheaper.

Acoustic Guitarist Performing at Wedding

The act will also appreciate the short journey to the venue and will be well rested after not having to deal with the infamous and treacherous British motorway system.

Book One Band for the Whole Day

It is normal these days to use live music and entertainment throughout a wedding day. Maybe it’s music during your ceremony, or some entertainment during your drinks reception, all leading up to the evening party with your band.

Wedding Band Performing

If you’re worried about the cost of booking two or three different acts then why not book one band and have them take care of the entire day? Bands these days have the ability to cater for different sections of your wedding. This saves you a massive amount on cost if your band is your one stop shop for entertainment.

Can Your Band Provide a DJ Set?

Talking of getting the most out of your band, most can also provide an unmanned DJ set alongside their live performance. It’s very common to have both a live band and a wedding DJ, but if you can’t afford both and are unable to decide between them, I’d recommend a live band with a DJ set.

Wedding DJ

The best thing is they can provide this for free! That’s right, it’s unlikely to cost you any extra to ask for this service from your band, so make the most of it.

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Guest post by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment

Images from Warble Entertainment