The wedding breakfast is the first formal dinner enjoyed by the bride, groom and their guests. But those gathered need much more than a hearty meal to excite and encourage them onto the dance floor. This is where wedding breakfast entertainment comes in.

It’s a mixed crowd, and there will be photos taken, speeches made and gifts exchanged. Therefore a subtle combination of entertainment themes could be just the ticket to send everyone home with happy memories.

Here are a few wedding breakfast entertainment ideas to help things move along so that everyone feels involved…


You’ve returned from the formal service. Guests are starting to find their places for the wedding breakfast and pockets of people are enjoying a good catch-up. It would be great to see everyone engaged, and a magician is perhaps the perfect ice-breaker. Someone who can entertain and focus minds as the wedding organisers prepare for the meal and speeches ahead.

Wedding Magaicians Providing Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

Your magician should make the right judgement calls. They’ll skip past guests deep in conversation, be flexible and fit in with your plans. Relax and watch card tricks, disappearing objects and fascinating illusions that will drop jaws. A real crowd pleaser.

Mime Artist

You could leave everyone sat in silence during your wedding breakfast, even if there’s subtle music in the background! Mime artists catch everyone’s eye, captivate the kids and generate plenty of talking points.

Charlie Chaplin look-alikes are always popular, but modern performers offer a wide range of themes. Face paint, elaborate make-up, simple sketches or a clever story, they bring plenty to the party and leave guests mesmerised.

Digital Photographer

While the official photographer is getting the perfect pictures for your album, a social media-savvy digital photographer can also entertain friends and family who would love to see themselves framed.

Generate a # hashtag for your wedding and watch your guests fill your Twitter feed. Or get online in seconds in a Facebook group, Instagram album or any other social media feed. If your reception is hi-tech, get the images up on screens around the room too.


Imagine Gordon Ramsay striding out of the kitchen and glaring your relatives in the eye, or Marilyn Monroe brushing past the reception bar and pouting at the best man. There are some fabulous look-alikes available to hire for your wedding breakfast entertainment.

Fawlty Towers Manuel Look-Alike Entertaining Wedding Guests

You could have a Basil Fawlty impersonator acting as the venue’s irate manager, or Manuel causing chaos with a tray of drinks. This is great fun, with photo opportunities aplenty too.

Wedding Singer

This sounds, well, rather obvious, but a quality vocalist fills the room with tunes often chosen for the bride and groom. Those personal moments make all the difference, so before the dance floor fills why not hire a wedding solo singer who will also involve the guests. A few tunes to warm the audience, then a walkabout with the microphone to find the best voices in the room.

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

Images from Warble Entertainment