Come rain or shine, every couple wants to give their wedding guests something really special to remember, but the last thing you want is a total wash-out when the heavens open! Staying indoors does not necessarily mean downsizing your wedding plans or having to compromise. Depending on your venue space, you can still dazzle everyone at the reception with some fabulous weatherproof wedding entertainment.

These great wedding entertainment ideas will ensure your big day is talked about for years to come, whether the sun shines or not:

Singing Waiters

Add some real sparkle to your wedding with a team of well-dressed singing waiters who will keep your guests’ drinks topped up throughout the reception. But make sure you keep their hidden talents a surprise until the last second.

Singing Waiters

Start things serenely, handing out glasses of champagne when everyone arrives. Then, let your secret singers burst into song in unison for dramatic effect. They could serenade your auntie later, or mingle with guests encouraging them to join in. Great fun!

Photo Booth

Wedding pictures in glorious sunshine are stunning, but the weather isn’t always considerate. When you hire a portable wedding photo booth with a series of funky backdrops to choose from, your guests can pop in and out. You can even get people recording video messages that you can treasure forever, just like guests signing a wedding book.

Wedding Photo Booth Props

Follow the high-tech trail and the party pics can go online in real time, with a hashtag you choose. Imagine your wedding trending on Twitter or Instagram! Importantly, you’ll be able to track the images to enjoy them later, and also share them with friends who couldn’t attend your wedding.

Big Kids’ Area!

Making sure children enjoy themselves is vital at a wedding, and busy kids usually mean happy, stress-free parents, as everyone can relax and enjoy the celebrations. That doesn’t mean the adults can’t release their inner child. Book a bouncy castle, or a rodeo bull if you’re feeling brave!

Pool Table

Still want fun but prefer less bumps and bruises? How about table football, pool, or a casino table? All of these can be tucked in the corner but involve guests of all ages.

Indoor Fireworks — Really!

A mid-evening downpour could spell disaster if you’ve planned an outdoor fireworks extravaganza to illuminate your reception. Don’t worry though; you can still enjoy your favourite pyrotechnics, just on a smaller scale. Leave it to the professionals and watch a fabulous indoor fireworks display leave everyone spellbound.

Wedding Guests Holding Sparklers


Talking of spells, who doesn’t love a bit of mystery and some jaw-dropping magic? These days it doesn’t have to be all about white doves and playing cards. Wedding magicians really know how to wow a crowd, with some sensational party tricks that will set tongues wagging.

Bride Shocked by Magic Trick at Wedding

They can take their act from table to table, and when the adults want to dance the tricksters will happily keep the kids busy with more illusions. Now that’s magic!


A wedding favourite, the best caricaturists will capture features that conventional photos never could. The artwork is the perfect conversation starter, and your artist for the evening will wander amongst your guests, keeping everyone engaged and telling stories through stunning drawings.

Caricaturist Drawing Couple

So, don’t let the weather dampen your party spirits. Plan for flexible, weatherproof wedding entertainment you can easily move indoors.

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

Images from…

Pool Table: Pixabay

Fireworks: Tegyn Friedman Photography

All Other Images: Warble Entertainment