Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times for couples. From selecting the venue, to sampling potential caterers to choosing the ultimate wedding band — there are just so many choices! It can also be a pretty stressful time too — how do you know you’re making the right choice? Tailored Entertainment has given us some advice on the types of wedding band available. These options should take away your spreadsheet woes and make choosing the right wedding band the easiest choice you’ve ever made.

Festival Style Wedding Bands

Festival Nights - Festival Types of Wedding Band

Festival Nights

We can’t help but love a music festival. An incredible summer atmosphere, that laissez-faire attitude and music played live by your favourite artists. What’s not to love?!

So it’s easy to see why more couples are choosing fantastic festival headliner-style bands like Festival Nights or Smith & Sons. Take a look for yourself and we bet you’ll fancy bringing those festival vibes to your wedding day as well.

Rock and Pop Wedding Bands

The Heights - Rock and Pop Types of Wedding Band

The Heights

You just can’t beat an amazing Rock and Pop band to really kick off your evening party. Playing classic hits from the last 50 years, amazing Midlands-based band, The Heights, and the popular Pop Rocks will keep your guests on their feet all night.

Pop Rocks - Rock and Pop Types of Wedding Band

Pop Rocks

Roaming Wedding Bands

The most popular new entertainment craze to sweep the nation, a roaming band is the new wedding must-have. But what on earth is a roaming band?

The Wanderland Band - Roaming Types of Wedding Band

The Wanderland Band

The Wanderland Band are a completely unplugged, acoustic band that are free from the shackles of a sound system. This allows them to roam freely around your event, giving your guests a rather more intimate and unique entertainment experience. Book these boys and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Vintage Wedding Bands

Gatsby's Jukebox - Vintage Types of Wedding Band

Gatsby’s Jukebox

What better way to add class and style reminiscent of days gone by than to have a vintage-themed band perform for your wedding. Bands such as Gatsby’s Jukebox, with their 1920’s twist on modern hits, and The Vinyls, a 1950’s rock n roll style trio, add that touch of vintage class and retro fun to make your wedding sparkle.

The Vinyl's - Vintage Types of Wedding Band

The Vinyl’s

90’s Pop Wedding Bands

Many couples getting married now are children of the 90s. So what better way for you and your friends to celebrate your marriage than by getting on down to the tunes you grew up partying to?

Sega and The Boombox - 90's Pop Types of Wedding Band

Sega & The Boombox

Do you know every single word of the Spice Girls’ back catalogue? Can you rap the whole of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Is MC Hammer your ultimate jam? Then have the amazing Sega and the Boombox perform for you and prepare to party like it’s 1999.

Indie/Rock Wedding Bands

Alive - Indie/Rock Types of Wedding Band


I bet that you’ll look good on the dance floor with bands such as Alive and Jubilee rocking out to those Indie/Rock classics at your wedding. These guys know how to kick a party into gear and, believe us, once they get going you won’t stay sat down for long!

Jubilee - Indie/Rock Types of Wedding Band


Soul and Motown Wedding Bands

We just can’t get enough of those sweet soul sounds. Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons, The Supremes; there’s nothing quite like a Soul and Motown wedding band to keep the classics coming all night long.

Empire Soul - Soul and Motown Types of Wedding Band

Empire Soul

Book the fantastic Empire Soul and we promise you’ll be dancing in the street by the end of the night!

Live-Lounge Style Wedding Bands

Live Lounge Band - Live Lounge Types of Wedding Band

Live Lounge Band

Do you love the sounds of Radio 1’s Live Lounge sessions? Or perhaps you’re tying the knot in a venue with strict noise restrictions. Either way, acoustic wedding entertainment is as popular as ever. Check out the amazing Live Lounge Band and The Live Lounge Sound. Their acoustic sounds are the icing on the cake for the perfect relaxed atmosphere.

The Live Lounge Sound - Live Lounge Types of Wedding Band

The Live Lounge Sound

Whichever of these types of wedding band you choose, you can guarantee that by choosing a band exclusively represented by Tailored Entertainment, the quality will be second to none. We only work with the best young, professional musicians. Therefore what you’ll find is a select, hand-picked roster of the best bands available to hire for weddings and functions in the UK and abroad.

Above all, at Tailored Entertainment we strive to make your wedding day the most incredible day of your life. We are always available for a friendly chat and ensure our booking process is simple and efficient from start to finish.

So what are you waiting for? Visit, or give us a ring on 0845 094 1911.

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Images courtesy of Adam Prosser