For many, the upcoming royal wedding is set to be one of the most iconic in recent history. The day promises an incredible mix of two vastly different styles and eras; the British royal family is deeply immersed in history and regal traditions, whilst Meghan Markle represents modern day celebrity and life.

It’s a real fairytale wedding. Meghan Markle, an American actress, marrying Harry, a British Prince, in a royal castle. Whilst most weddings can carry a heavy price packet, this one in particular is sure to break records in both cost and viewership.

Our thoughts turn to how they will entertain both guests and the general public on the big day. Rumours so far show no signs of restraint when it comes to putting on a show, with many star names and grand ideas thrown into the mix! But how will they mix regal and sophisticated with modern and fresh?

Here are some of our entertainment ideas for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming royal wedding…


To complement the fairytale royal wedding, perhaps graceful ballerinas can enthral with flawless choreography. Very romantic and classy!

Ballerinas performing at wedding

Saxophonist and DJs

We’ve seen this trend grow and grow when it comes to live wedding musicians, and it would not surprise us to see a combination of saxophanist and DJ performers at the royal wedding. A contemporary touch that would suit the couple.

Saxophonist performing at wedding


An orchestra would be fitting for the occasion and bring a sense of real scale, spectacle and drama. It doesn’t get much bigger than this, and could maybe even feature guest accompanying vocals from a famous name?

Orchestra at wedding


A solo performer interspersed during gaps in the day or to set the scene is a great idea. A harpist is elegant and would create a fantastic backdrop to the royal wedding.


Pop Band

We looked at some of the options, and now we’re getting very close to finding out who will get the lucrative job of starring as evening entertainment for the royal wedding. Even the Spice Girls are being suggested as a possibility, and they would honestly be an amazing fit! Undeniably British but also representative of ‘girl power’ and the rise in celebrity obsession, is there anything more fitting for this wedding day?

The Spice Girls

No matter what entertainment Harry and Meghan choose to help celebrate their marriage, it is sure to be a fabulous day that will go down in history!

Guest post by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment

Images from Warble Entertainment, Except Spice Girls from Flickr by Sarah & Austin Houghton (CC BY 2.0 License)