England offers some magnificent venues where you can create some very special weddings, and there are so many ways to fill your day with wonderful entertainment. From the more traditional to very elegant, sophisticated and ultimately quirky and quaint experiences that could only work in this country.

To inject a little flare into your quintessentially English wedding theme, and we’re talking the whole shebang, a sprawling country manor house would be a noble opening statement. The most delightful vintage car purrs down a tree-lined drive, while classical musicians pluck heavenly notes. The bridal gown flows in a gentle breeze, and there’s enough scattered rose petals to temporarily put Covent Garden out of business.

Financial realities often curtail such grandiose plans, although most are happy to push that boat far out to sea as they strive to deliver the oh-so memorable wedding day for family, friends and distant relatives.

So, let’s entertain those guests with some quintessentially English wedding entertainment!

The Wedding Service

Whether it’s in a quaint chapel or a bespoke room within a stately home, there are limitless opportunities to add a touch of English class to the formal wedding service.

String Quartet

Recorded music just doesn’t cut it, so it has to be a live act. A soloist, duet or quartet will give the wedding ceremony a real air of sophistication as everyone takes their seats to the sound of strings.

Before the Reception

You must think of your guests at every point of your wedding day. With the service wrapped up there’s often an awkward wait while the traditional bride and groom photos are taken. So get people involved, ideally out on the formal lawns.

Wedding Guest Playing Croquet

Giant chess will keep the thinkers busy, while a bit of fun can be had over a leisurely game of croquet. And the kids? Well, outdoor Jenga with blocks made from English Oak of course. Or how about a maypole to let the girls dance themselves dizzy with colourful ribbons?

Photos with a Difference

A photo booth might sound somewhat modern and not befitting a formal gathering. Not so. Booths come in all shapes and sizes, with velvet curtains to add intrigue, black and white or sepia photo settings, and some fabulous backdrops to choose from.

Posing with Photo Booth Props

Of course a photographer dressed for the occasion would be a really clever touch. Resplendent in formal jacket, waistcoat and top hat, with period equipment to boot. A blackout sheet will add real intrigue as they take pictures.

Keeping Everyone Sweet

With a sumptuous banquet surely on the menu, the only way to raise the foodie stakes is to roll out the concession stalls — beautifully decorated from a bygone era.

Jars of Sweets

Imagine your own ice cream stand decked out in so many wonderful colours, with a smiling attendant in straw boater. A candy stall bursting with old-fashioned favourites would up the sweet-tooth bar. Just make sure someone keeps an eye on the kids!

Dancing the Night Away

There simply must be dancing, but DJs at quintessentially English weddings are a no-no. You also need more than a band. You need a group of musical maestros who are quirky, charming and utterly amazing at what they do. I say at least a five-piece act to give real wow factor.

Five Piece Band

When it comes to the music, why limit yourself to one genre? It’s more about the look and feel of the entertainers. Dapper to match your splendid surroundings, but cool enough to rock it up when your guests let their hair down. Finally, make sure you hire a wedding band that knows how to work the crowd. That will make all the difference.

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

Images from…

String Quartet, Photo Booth and Band: Warble Entertainment

Croquet and Sweet Table: Lukas and Suzy