The choice of live music for your wedding day can make all the difference to the atmosphere, but what styles of wedding band should you look out for in 2019?

Like all wedding entertainment, the options available for live wedding music and party bands are phenomenal. To ensure you have an unforgettable night, watch out for these particular styles of wedding band that are set to be huge in 2019…

Mumford & Sons Style Wedding Bands

Since their significant rise in the UK and music festivals across the country, Mumford & Sons have been a prominent influence on the wedding industry, and their style is highly sought after by brides and grooms.

The Fable Wedding Band

Their 2018 album release ‘Delta’ is already building the foundations for a resurgence yet again. If you are considering a festival, tipi or barn style wedding then this genre is sure to suit. Expect to see this style of festival meets folk band at more and more weddings in 2019.

Sound Limiter Friendly Bands

As sound limiters become more commonplace in wedding venues, it was only a matter of time before this style of wedding band became in demand.

Just Tom and Pete Acoustic Wedding Duo

In truth, these days the majority of bands are finding ways to work with sound limiters so couples have an easier time when booking. This can include electric drum kits and other ‘sound shaping’ solutions. However, acoustic duos and trios are another option to watch out for in 2019 if your venue has a limiter.

90’s and Early 2000’s Party Bands

More and more wedding bands are starting to incorporate nostalgic songs from the late nineties and early 2000’s into their set. The era is full of hidden gems and quirky tracks from rock, pop and R&B that are proven dance floor fillers.

The Hype Wedding Band

When looking at the general age range of newly-weds it only makes sense that they would want to hear the tracks they’ve grown up with on their wedding night.

Soul and Motown Bands

Sometimes you just need some class, swagger and outright smooth talent to set your wedding apart. This is where couples are looking towards bigger bands with more bang and feel.

Soulidify Wedding Band

Soul and Motown wedding bands can take on many forms, but are always undoubtedly cool. As couples look to stand out more with their wedding music choices, a smooth soul group is one to look out for in 2019.

Guest post by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment

Images from Warble Entertainment