After the vows and the speeches, the first dance song seems to be one of the biggest causes of sleepless nights leading up to the wedding day. First of all there is the task of choosing the first dance song and the questions that come with it. Does your song have a special meaning? What does it say about you as a couple? Will it be a song you are still happy with on your 10th anniversary? Then there’s the actual dance itself — can you even dance? Will you have lessons? Will you get the steps wrong, trip over and both end up in a heap on the dance floor?

My advice is to listen to Frankie and relax! Everything about your wedding day could be out of fashion in 10 years time, so don’t worry about the song going out of date. Also, remember it’s your big day, so if the song that means most to you is the Corrie theme tune, because you are both big fans, then embrace it and your guests will appreciate the personality and humour.

If you can’t dance and are worried about being up there by yourselves then arrange for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to get up with you, or ask your band or DJ to invite everyone on to the dance floor. The main thing is that it’s your wedding day and so you should do whatever makes you both happy.

If you are struggling to choose a first dance song then here is my list of 2014’s top 10 most popular first dance songs. It seems 2014 has been the year of acoustic first dance songs, with lots of couples choosing stripped back songs by artists such as Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz.

1. Marry You — Bruno Mars

2. I’m Yours — Jason Mraz

3. All Of Me — John Legend

4. Lego House — Ed Sheeran

5. Hey Soul Sister — Train

6. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) — Green Day

7. Tenerife Sea — Ed Sheeran

8. Higher Love — James Vincent McMorrow

9. Green Eyes — Coldplay

10. Lover of the Light — Mumford and Sons

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

Image from Flickr by PopTech (CC BY-SA 2.0 License)