First and foremost, when it comes to wedding entertainment, you get what you pay for. Whilst a cheaper deal might initially look appealing, it may cause you problems later on. Entertainment that looks too good to be true usually is. That is why we recommend researching your acts thoroughly before booking to ensure they won’t disappoint you on the day.

Here are a few wedding entertainment ideas to keep your guests entertained during different parts of your wedding day…

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Whilst the bride and groom are whisked away for photos, guests are left alone and looking for ways to entertain themselves. You can prepare and organise entertainment to keep your guests busy during this time, and avoid the dreaded moment when everyone decides that they’d rather be checking their smartphone.

By installing a photo booth at your reception guests can join in the fun and take their own, less formal photos whilst you’re busy having the professional pictures taken. The best part about this entertainment choice is that you also get a copy of the photo booth photos, so if your professional photographer has any trouble capturing pictures of all the guests, you’ll have the photo booth pictures of them from the day.

Bride and Groom Kissing Behind Photo Booth Picture Frame

When looking for wedding entertainment options suitable for younger guests you could play to the time of year. If you’re hosting a wedding around the Easter holiday you could prepare an Easter egg hunt for the younger guests during this time. Or you could set up a sand pit during a summer wedding and let guests build their own sand-based masterpieces. Weddings are also the perfect time for adults to tap into their inner child, so any activity that is fun and creative should go down well with both adults and children.

Wedding Entertainment for the Interim Period

Between the speeches and the evening entertainment there can be a moment when guests are at a slight loss as to what they should do, and the atmosphere starts to drop. This is the perfect time to provide another entertainment option.

Magician Performing Card Trick

A mind reader or magician is ideal, entertaining wedding guests during this quieter period with magic that astounds and intrigues. They require very little physical activity from their volunteers, perfect if guests are suffering from slightly too much food or wine. This act also works well when guests are all seated, as magicians tend to perform to either one or two guests, or smaller tables at a time.

Evening Wedding Entertainment

Wedding fireworks are becoming increasingly popular, and once you’ve seen an incredible display of sparkling lights illuminating the night sky you’ll understand why. Whether you choose to light up the sky after dinner or during your first dance, the display will amaze your guests.

Fireworks in Sky

Alternatively, you could go for the slightly smaller, but equally beautiful route, and supply each of your guests with a sparkler, arranging for them to light it at a specific point. Both fireworks and sparklers will illuminate your wedding, shining a light on all your dancing guests or leaving them with a spectacular scene to remember your wedding by.

However you choose to entertain your wedding guests, the most important thing is that the entertainment gets people talking and mingling with one another.

Guest post by Jon Culverhouse of Fantastic Wedding Fireworks

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Wedding Photo Booth: The Flash Pack

Magician: Martin Beddall

Fireworks: Pixabay