Anything goes with weddings nowadays. More and more couples want to showcase their personalities and share their style and interests rather than sticking with tradition. Halloween has become so popular in the UK over the last few years, with people going all out on parties, fancy dress and trick or treating. It’s therefore no surprise that couples are choosing to have their wedding day around Halloween and theme it accordingly. With this in mind, I have provided my top five Halloween wedding entertainment ideas…

Magicians and Mind Readers

Scary Looking Magician

Perfect for entertaining guests during the drinks reception right through to the evening reception. Rather than scare your guests away, a professional magician and mind reader will create an air of wonder, illusion and amazement perfect for a Halloween wedding.

Halloween Dancers

To create a real buzz and showcase, either during your wedding breakfast as a flash mob surprise or during the evening reception to show your guests some new moves for the dance floor, why not book a street dancing group of Halloween themed dancers?

Halloween Dancers

They will choreograph a dance routine to your chosen song, and they can even teach your guests to dance along with them. Imagine your whole wedding party dancing in time to Thriller!

Crystal Ball Jugglers

Crystal Ball Juggler

Great as a walkabout act to mix and mingle with your guests throughout the day, from the ceremony through to the evening reception. Crystal Ball Jugglers provide an alluring mix of skill and illusion, which is both magical and surreal to watch and will leave your guests in awe.

Fire Entertainers

Halloween and Bonfire Night often come hand in hand, so to add an air of danger along with a nod to Guy Fawkes, why not book a fire show to blow your guests away with death defying skills?

Fire Performance Halloween Wedding Entertainment

Fire entertainers will provide a unique and unforgettable experience of body burning, fire breathing, fire juggling, fire eating and fire hula hooping, along with a spectacular pyrotechnic finale.

Freak Show

Freak Show Entertainment Act

For the hardcore Halloween fans that really want to scare, shock and amaze their guests, a freak show is a must! From sword swallowing to beds of nails, this kind of show will include everything you could want from your Halloween wedding entertainment!

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

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Halloween Dancers from Flickr by Brian Lin (CC BY-SA 2.0 License)

All Other Images: Warble Entertainment