Euro 2016 is now underway, taking place between the 10th June and the 10th July. Any brides or grooms with a football-loving partner will probably already know this — they may have mentioned it to you more than a few times! The best way to deal with this situation is to embrace it. So, if your wedding is taking place during Euro 2016, here are some fabulous football themed wedding entertainment ideas to keep all your football-loving guests happy, and help to bring another element of your life to your wedding day…

Footballer Lookalike

One of England’s most famous footballers is David Beckham, and as he won’t be playing in this year’s tournament why not have him make an appearance during your drinks reception? Okay, so the real David is unlikely to be available or within your budget, but the next best thing is someone who looks almost identical to him… YES!

David Beckham Lookalike Football Themed Wedding Entertainment Act

You can book a David Beckham lookalike to come along to your wedding and mingle with your guests. Not only will this make for a fantastic photo opportunity, but it will also make the female guests rather happy!

Football Freestyler

So the ladies are happy, now let’s perk the guys up a bit with an amazingly talented football freestyler. This act will captivate your wedding guests with unbelievable football wizardry and provide a fantastic focal point during the drinks reception, wedding breakfast or evening reception.

This is also the kind of entertainment act that can bring your guests together and help break the ice as it provides a great conversation starter.

Table Football

If you are looking for football themed wedding entertainment with a more discreet nod to the Euros then you could hire a table football game. This would keep the adults and children happy for hours on end! As these tables are not too big they can pretty much fit anywhere, and you can hire one all day and evening so everyone gets a go.

Wedding Guests Playing Table Football

You could make it more inclusive and name the players, create a mini-tournament, split your wedding party into teams using your table plan, and have a prize for the winning player or team. You could of course just leave it up to the guests as to how they want to use it — make it as prominent or discreet as you like.

The Euros are happening, and there will no doubt be lots of people interested in it, watching it, and generally excited about it. Some football themed wedding entertainment will help channel some of that interest and energy into your day and help create a fantastic atmosphere and happy football fan guests.

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

Images from…

Lookalike: Warble Entertainment

Table Football: Pippa Mackenzie Photography