I’m regularly asked for advice on first dances, and I completely understand why. I’m sure for some the thought of that magical first dance fills you with absolute terror. Or, perhaps you and your partner are both demons on the dance floor but are struggling with song choice. You’re faced with many questions… ‘Do we make it fun or serious?’. ‘What if nobody knows our song?’ ‘Do we choreograph a routine or just go with it?’.

I’ve seen some fabulous first dances in my time. It’s hard to say what makes them work but some just do’, and I guess this is what you are all looking for. Funnily enough though, my favourites have all been very different.

Bride and Groom's First Dance

One couple looked so fantastically in love as they clutched to each other and hardly moved to ‘If You Knew’ by Jeff Buckley; it brought a tear to my eye.

Another started off with something obvious like ‘Unchained Melody’, then halfway through the groom ripped off the skirt of the bride’s wedding dress to reveal a killer mini-dress, and they broke into a very sexy routine to the Pussycat Dolls version of ‘Sway’. If that wasn’t enough, they topped it off by laughing and throwing each other around the dance floor to ‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat (which is a gorgeous song for a first dance… by then myself and the rest of the audience were absolutely gushing!).

However, my favourite was a couple who chose ‘All These Things I’ve done’ by Killers. I can’t find much lyrical meaning, but they obviously just loved the song (and each other) so much that it is always one that stuck in my head as the ‘ultimate first dance’. They had such a fantastic time dancing away to it with huge smiles on their faces; it has always stayed with me.

Things to Consider

I’d say that before choosing your first dance song it’s important to sit down between the two of you and have a good chat about a few things…

What Sort of Tempo Do You Want Your Dance to Be?

Do you want a fast song or a slow song? Funnily enough, different people are more comfortable with different things. I’ve spoken to a few people who wouldn’t consider doing a slow song, but would be quite comfortable ‘shakin it’ to something a little more funky… yet I’d probably be the opposite.

Is This a Serious Dance or Would You Rather Something a Little More Fun?

Your first dance should be a reflection of you both as a couple. If you’re a fun loving couple that are always having a giggle then perhaps you’d prefer to do something a little more ‘you’. If you’re not sure what I mean there are loads of examples on YouTube, but check this one out — it made me laugh a lot!

Will You Choreograph a Dance?

There are companies out there who will help you choreograph your first dance, and this is an opportunity to really wow your guests. However, if this isn’t a reflection of the two of you and your personalities don’t feel like you have to. I’ve seen some beautiful first dances that are off the cuff and perfect.

Is There a Song That Means a Lot to You?

If so, perhaps this will make your decision a little easier! If there isn’t, however…

First Dance Song Ideas

If you’re really stuck then perhaps have a chat to your band or DJ about their ideas. They might have a list of songs that they like to recommend. Here are a few songs that I usually suggest for a first dance…

First Dance Routine at Wedding

Classic First Dance Songs/Slowies

Fun First Dance Songs


Commission a Songwriter to Write Your First Dance Song

I can’t think of anything more beautiful than having a song written especially for you and your wedding. This isn’t actually as costly as you think, and could be something you really can keep forever that is especially for the two of you.

So, I think the key when choosing your first dance song is to find something that works for you. A song you are comfortable with, you’ll enjoy dancing to and, of course, a song you and your guests will always remember.

Have fun trawling through your records and iTunes lists, and I hope you find that perfect tune.

Guest post by Sera Golding of MIB Music

Images from…

First Dance: Tom Leishman of Picture My Love

First Dance Routine: Lara Hotz Photography