If someone said to you ‘DIY Wedding’, what would you think? Would it be a tipi or marquee in your own back garden, a field in the middle of nowhere, porta loos, a family-catered buffet, making your own wedding dress, or a lot of hard work? Any or none of the above?

Personally I think DIY weddings have got a bit of a negative reputation amongst some brides as they think it’s all or nothing. For those of us without the time, skill nor inclination, a DIY wedding seems rather out of reach.

This is why I much prefer to use the term ‘handmade wedding’. You could say the modern wedding is very much considered to be the bride and groom’s day rather than the bride’s parents’. This is different for different people, but it is now becoming popular for the bride and groom to want to inject some of their personality into their wedding day.

Handmade Wedding Paper Hearts

Budget weddings are becoming big news, and some bride and grooms don’t want to, or can’t afford to, splash the cash on the day. And here’s where handmade comes in.

What is ‘Handmade?’

If you don’t want to make your own wedding cake because baking is not your thing, then you don’t have to. But if your grandma wants to do it and you’d like her to… that’s handmade.

What if you have a gorgeous bare room which you’d like to cover in pom poms but are short of time to make 50? Get your friends and family in on the pom-fluffing action or buy ready to assemble ones online. Either way, if you want to hang those things from the rafters yourself go for it. That’s handmade.

All or Nothing?

Does a handmade wedding mean you have to do the whole thing yourself? No, Sir. Does a handmade wedding mean rustic, relaxed or shabby? Not if you don’t want it to.

Brides and grooms shouldn’t feel pressured to make everything at their wedding. A handmade wedding means you as a couple are putting care and attention into choosing and creating things that reflect you. If you care or know more about your favours than flowers, then don’t DIY your flowers! By all means tell your florist exactly what you want them to look like, but spend your time crafting some fabulous favours instead.

A personalised, heartfelt wedding often means making things yourself, especially if your tastes are very niche. But that’s not to say you have to sit on your own, up to the eyeballs in glue and glitter every Friday night (although the glitter might be fun). Your friends and family might have skills you don’t, and what better way to bring everyone together than making your wedding personal.

There’s a whole lot of help out there — from online tutorials, craft classes and parties, and wedding coordinators and stylists ready to set up your big day to show your handmade wedding goodies off to their maximum. If you’d like something bespoke and true to your style check out Folksy and Etsy for talented crafters who are dying to make you something personal.

A true celebration of family and love, a handmade wedding reflects the couple, their love and their life.

Guest post by Laura Parker

Image from Laura Parker