There is nothing better than making your wedding favours. Giving your guests something you have made adds that extra special touch to your big day. I have put together this easy to follow guide on how to make petal candles, which are perfect as a wedding favour or even gifts for your bridal party. They are fun to make and you can tailor them to your wedding theme or the personal tastes of each guest.

You Will Need…

Items needed to make a DIY petal candle

  • A candle of any size (you can buy candle wax but it is cheaper to use pre-made candles)
  • Pre-waxed candle wicks with metal tab bottoms
  • A container of your choice (I’ve used an old jam jar)
  • Petals of your choice (I’ve used our Highland Fling confetti mix)
  • A scent of your choice (optional)
  • An old pan
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Thermometer
  • Hairspray

How to Make…

1. Prepare your container by cleaning it, making sure there is no dust or dirt inside.

2. Attach the metal tab at the bottom of the wick to the bottom of your jar using double-sided sticky tape. Don’t worry too much about getting it completely stuck down, as this can be difficult on glass. The tape is just to help hold the wick in place.

3. Spray hairspray inside the jar around the edges and pour in some petals, spreading them around the jar. The hairspray should help the petals to stick to the sides.

Adding petals to jar to make DIY petal candle

4. Place the candle into the pan (make sure you remove the old wick) and heat gently until the wax has melted. Depending on how many petals you want in your candle, you can add petals to the melted wax.

Melting wax to make DIY petal candle

5. Allow the wax to cool until it is roughly 60 degrees C. This will allow the wax to set quicker and ensure it does not pull the wick down into the candle too much as the wax hardens. Slowly pour the melted wax into the jam jar, trying not to get any on the sides at the top of the jar. If you do you can scrape it off.

Poring wax into jam jar to make DIY petal candle

6. Add your chosen fragrance if you’d like to make a scented candle.

7. Allow the candle to set. As it sets it can create a dip in the middle around the wick, but this is easily resolved. Once the candle is nearly set, melt some extra wax and simply top the candle up to create a flat surface.

DIY petal candle

8. Your petal candle is complete. You can now decorate the jar and lid to suit your wedding theme.

Quick and simple to make, these petal candles can be made for any special occasion or just for your home.

Guest post by Rose Merrill of Shropshire Petals

Images from Shropshire Petals