How will you style your big day? Your wedding decor should not only make a statement, it should also represent the two of you as a couple. Whether you’re searching for that statement piece to go above your dessert table or a stunning display for your reception, a wedding flower chandelier might be just what you’re looking for.

Naturally hanging foliage is the perfect way to introduce an effortless ambiance to your wedding day without spending a pretty penny. Flower chandeliers are also surprisingly simple to make and create a swoon-worthy display your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of.

Finished DIY Flower Chandelier

To help you get started, this DIY tutorial will walk you through the process of how to make a flower chandelier for your wedding. Take a peek at the video below or follow the step by step instructions, and don’t forget to check out the chandelier inspiration at the bottom to help you find the right style for your big day.

You Will Need…

What You'll Need to Make a Flower Chandelier

  • Fresh Flowers — When choosing your flowers have a theme in mind, consider which blooms are in season, and also which flowers will hold up the longest without water (see below). Flowers of different types work well for this project, but they should have long stems as this will make them easier to attach.
  • Fresh Foliage.
  • Floral Hoop — You’ll need a floral hoop to create the top tier of your chandelier. We recommend a hoop that is 19 inches in diameter, but you can choose any size as long as it’s smaller than the large wire wreath.
  • Large Wire Wreath — A large wire wreath frame will act as the base of your chandelier. We recommend one that is 24 inches in diameter. If you’re not able to find a suitable wire frame, a hula hoop will work. A green hoop is ideal for this project, but if you can’t find one you can always paint your hula hoop the night before you start your project.
  • Floral Tape — Available in natural hues like greens and browns which will blend well with your flowers.
  • Floral Wire.
  • Fishing Line — For hanging. You can also use twine, string or ribbon to hang your chandelier if you’re going for a rustic or vintage feel.
  • Scissors.
  • Crimp Tubes — These are small metal rings that will ensure your knots don’t slip out of the fishing line.
  • Pliers.

Recommended Flowers

Suitable flower varieties for DIY flower chandelier

We recommend using any of the following blooms for your DIY flower chandelier as they last well out of water…

  • Pink Hyacinths
  • Carnations
  • Amaranthus
  • Hydrangeas
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Craspedia
  • Peonies
  • Dahlia Buds

How to Make…

1. Attach the Large Wire Wreath to the Floral Hoop

Attaching rings with fishing line

Work out how far apart you want the wire wreath and the floral hoop to be, and then cut four pieces of fishing line to the desired length. To ensure your chandelier hangs steadily, each piece should be exactly the same length. Attach the large wire wreath and the floral hoop together using the four pieces of fishing line, spacing them evenly around the diameter. Secure the line with traditional knots and a few pieces of tape, and use crimp tubes and pliers when securing your knots for a more steady chandelier.

2. Wrap Lengths of Greenery and Foliage Around the Small Floral Hoop

Wrapping foliage around small hoop

Wrap your foliage around the hoop, making sure the foliage hangs naturally as you are wrapping, and secure with a small piece of floral wire. Use tape instead for extra security in any places you think it is needed (or you can use a combination of both), but we mainly used floral wire. Distribute the greenery evenly and avoid leaving any open spaces between the wire ring and the large metal ring. You won’t be adding any flowers to the top tier of your chandelier so feel free to make the foliage as dense as you’d like.

Top Tip: Wind each piece of foliage around the wire ring for added support before attaching with the tape or floral wire.

3. Add Greenery to the Base of Your Chandelier (the Large Wire Wreath)

Attaching foliage to base of flower chandelier

This portion is the base of your chandelier, the part that’s most visible to guests, so create layers and design with intention. Start by adding a few layers of foliage, wrapping each individual piece around the wire wreath one at a time and securing with a small piece of floral wire. Be mindful of the manner in which the foliage hangs, and set it in place using the wire and tape as needed.

4. Hang Your Chandelier

Hanging flower chandelier

It will be easier to design and assemble your flower chandelier while it’s hanging. Suspend the structure using fishing line, twine or ribbon, taking into consideration how the chandelier will hang in your venue. Will it be attached to the ceiling? An exposed beam? You should also consider the height you’d like your chandelier to be, and measure the length of line accordingly. Use three pieces of twine or fishing line of the same length to hang the chandelier. This will ensure it’s balanced and will hang correctly. Secure your chandelier by tying extra knots and using crimp tubes and pliers to keep them in place.

5. Attach Flowers to the Large Wire Wreath

Attaching flowers to large wire wreath

Once you have a layer of greenery it’s time to add the fresh flowers. Attach each bloom one at a time by placing the stem into the foliage. Intertwining the stems of each flower through the greenery will help them stay in place. Create clusters of three flowers equidistant from one another around the large wire wreath frame and then design how you’d like. Creating something unique is the best part of this project. Plus, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Top Tip: Be mindful of the size and colours of the flowers you use. Select a variety with different colours and textures to make your chandelier more visually appealing.

6. Fill in Any Gaps with Small Flowers and Extra Greenery

Filling gaps in chandelier with flowers

Use smaller blooms and vines to fill in the gaps of your chandelier. Consider balance, colour and the shape of the flowers as you are adding them, and step back from your project every so often to make sure you’re on the right track.

How to Look After Your Flower Chandelier

Now that you’ve created your beautiful chandelier, make sure you get to enjoy it for as long as you can with the care guidelines below.

Mist spraying flower chandelier

  • Mist your chandelier with water before your guests arrive to ensure your flowers look their freshest for the wedding.
  • Avoid hanging your chandelier in direct sunlight, near heating and cooling vents, or near open windows.

Flower Chandelier Style Ideas

No matter what your wedding style you can find a flower chandelier that suits the occasion and complements your venue. Check out the different styles of flower chandelier below to find the one for you…

flower chandelier style ideas

Tutorial by ProFlowers

Images and Video from ProFlowers