More women are marrying or re-marrying later in life, and we often have ladies who are in their 40s looking for their dress. They are terrified of looking ridiculous in a wedding dress, and to be honest I can relate to this. I was a 40 something bride, and it’s a nerve-racking place to be. There are some clear rules though, so here are a few things to think about if you are a bride over 40 looking for a wedding dress…

1. Less is definitely more in all elements of your wedding attire.

2. Being in your 40s means you can’t choose a fairy princess look, but you can choose a sexier look and carry it off so much better than a 20 something bride.

Veronique Wedding Dress by Alan Hannah

Veronique, Alan Hannah

3. Naked is not fabulous — cover up. There are so many options. Look at dresses with straps, jackets, sheer tops, long or ¾ length sleeves. Just give a glimpse of flesh but don’t over expose it. You can always take a jacket off in the evening.

Jessica Wedding Dress with Jennifer Coat by Sassi Holford

Jessica Dress with Jennifer Coat, Sassi Holford

4. Veils are generally a ‘no’ for a bride over 40, unless you opt for a vintage birdcage veil.

5. You don’t have to have a train on your dress if you don’t want to; perhaps reduce its length to puddle train.

Regency Wedding Dress by Suzanne Neville

Regency, Suzanne Neville

6. Opt for a well corseted dress that will hold your figure in all the right places.

7. Consider having a dress with subtle colour. Champagne gold or creamy ivory is kinder than white or light ivory.

Mimosa Wedding Dress by Jenny Packham

Mimosa, Jenny Packham

8. You can also add a splash of colour with a sash to look less bride-like, if that’s important.

9. A short 50’s style dress is also a great alternative with a stunning pair of Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks — very Sex in the City!

10. Finally, adopt the mantra, “I want to look elegant, sexy, fabulous and classy”. This will help in everything you choose, from your dress to your glamorous earrings.

Guest post by Ellie Sanderson

Images from…

Veronique Wedding Dress: Alan Hannah

Jessica Wedding Dress with Jennifer Coat: Sassi Holford

Regency Wedding Dress: Suzanne Neville

Mimosa Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham