I was going to write about something different, but being fresh back from The National Wedding Show’s Vintage Area I feel I have to impart with you my findings. I know that vintage is a massive trend but I had no idea whether people would get what we were doing; but oh my goodness, they did.

The show was interesting and confirmed my feelings over which eras of dress work for each body shape — hour glass, pear shape and straight up and down. There were three key shapes that were the winning silhouettes over the weekend, and it didn’t matter about a lady’s size, it was all about their shape.

1930’s Dress

The first was this amazing 30’s dress, bias cut which means it stretches and moulds to the body.

Bride wearing 1930s dress

The 30s were renowned for the diamond panelling which is so flattering; the lines all draw down the body. The diamond panels point over the bum giving a flattering shape, and the sexy keyhole opening at the back is subtle and understated with a covered neckline. A bias cut clings to the body showing all the curves whilst the seams across the hips define the shape.

Many think that a body hugging shape like this is only for skinny girls. Not so; it needs the curves to give the dress the shape, so an hour glass figure or even a pear shape works well as it has the balance on the shoulder. We had so many ladies looking amazing in this shape over the weekend.

1940’s Dress

The second is a beautiful lace 40’s dress, sometimes overlooked as the 30’s and 50’s shapes are so strong. However, a 40’s shape is often higher waisted than the 50’s so nips-in at most women’s smallest bit under the bust. This particular dress has vertical panels, and anything that has vertical lines is both lengthening and slimming.

Bride wearing 1940s dress

We did well with this dress over the weekend and it is a great dress for all sizes. We have made this dress for a size 8 and size 18 and it works equally well on both. It balances out the shoulders and hips as the wider straps and a-line skirt shape work perfectly together. It gives balance to a pear shape, and goes with the curves of an hour glass shape.

1950’s Dress

The third dress is a 50’s full circle dress. So many girls are into the 50’s style, with the rock ‘n’ roll music, the twists on classic and the funked up feminine shapes that remind us of desperate housewives and Marilyn Monroe.

Bride wearing 1950s dress

The full circle skirt is great for dancing and has a princess fairytale feeling that so many girls love. These dresses are cut right on the waist and gather with a flare. The shape is perfect for giving a straight up and down figure and hour glass silhouette. Clothing can play tricks and create shapes. For a straight up and down figure adding volume on the hips will actually make the waist look smaller.

Whatever your shape it is all about balance. The most important thing when choosing your wedding dress is getting the right silhouette to suit your shape.

Guest post by Zoe Lem

Images from Anne Brassier Photography