The wedding shoes you choose for your big day may not take centre stage like your dress will, but they are still very important. Shoes tie an ensemble together, and the right wedding shoes will truly complement your gown. Wedding photographers also love taking photos of the bride’s wedding shoes before she puts them on. But what should you look for when choosing wedding shoes?

Bride Putting on Wedding Shoe

Consider the Heel

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding shoe, one of the most important elements is the heel height. Think about the hemline of your dress, the height of the person you’re marrying, and your personal comfort. You don’t want to tower over your soon-to-be-spouse, and you’ll want the shoes to match your dress length.

Also remember that, if you’re having a traditional wedding, you’ll probably be wearing them for at least eight hours, so make sure they’re comfortable.

Satin Wedding Shoes

Take a Dress Swatch

When shopping for your wedding shoes make sure you take along a swatch of your dress fabric to see what the colours look like together. You don’t want to bring the shoes home, only to realise that they clash with your dress colour.

Think About the Aisle

When choosing wedding shoes it’s very important to consider the ground you’ll be walking down the aisle on. For example, if you will be walking on something like gravel, cobblestone, or granite stepping tiles, very high heels may cause you to trip. Grassy areas or sand may cause your heels to sink.

Whether a ballroom, church, garden, beach, or barn, your venue will be a factor in what wedding shoes you choose.

Make Sure Your Shoes Will Work with Your Dress

Also consider the style of wedding dress you have chosen when selecting your shoes. For example, a vintage wedding dress will most likely clash with gladiator sandals, cowboy boots won’t look good with a ball gown, and hot pink pumps might be an odd fit for a bohemian style dress. So, make sure you match your styles accordingly.

Fringed Heels

Don’t Rule Out Colour

Speaking of hot pink pumps, don’t be afraid to try a pop of colour with your wedding shoes. Many brides decide to go with a white or neutral shoe, but it’s not a set rule. In fact, a bright heel can often add a lot of personality to your bridal look.

And if you want a bit of attention at your feet but colour isn’t necessarily your thing, think about choosing wedding shoes in a metallic colour like silver, gold, or rose gold, which have a way of enhancing jewellery or dress embellishments.

Metallic Wedding Shoes

If You’re Not Used to Wearing Heels…

If heels aren’t typically your thing, consider wearing low heels or flats on your wedding day. Your feet will thank you for it. You don’t want to take tiny, awkward steps all day long, or worse, fall down in front of your guests. And you certainly don’t want your feet to be crying out in pain. It’s your wedding day — prioritise comfort.

Hopefully these tips will help you as you begin your search for the perfect wedding day shoes. Have fun, and good luck!

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Guest post by Tori of Platinum Banquet Hall in Los Angeles

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