With younger bridesmaids and flower girls the focus is on creating that ‘aah’ moment and making sure they wear dresses and accessories to complement their age. The key when choosing bridesmaid accessories and jewellery for adults is to make sure they are comfortable with the style of dress and accessories they are wearing, and to ensure that when photographed together with the bride the overall look works. Here are a few things to think about…

Bride and Bridesmaids

Personal Style

Allow your bridesmaids to show off their own style. Perhaps statement chandelier earrings are more her thing than classic pearl studs? Make sure you let them know if they can choose their own bridesmaid accessories and whether you want them all to wear the same thing or not.

Bridesmaid Chandelier Earrings

Adding Colour

A great way of bringing out the theme of a wedding is choosing bridesmaid dresses in your chosen colour scheme, but if your bridesmaids are wearing neutral dresses then why not pick accessories to match instead? Bridesmaid necklace sets are a great option and also a nice gift they can treasure afterwards.

Pink Diamanté Necklace Set Bridesmaid Accessories

Bridesmaid Hair Accessories

There are lots of hair accessory options for bridesmaids, from faux flowers clips to diamanté hairpins and mini hair combs. Having some sparkle in your bridesmaids’ hair accessories can work well and tie in beautifully with the bride’s headband or tiara.

Diana Mini Hair Comb

Vintage Brooch

Another lovely idea when choosing bridesmaid accessories is to go for a pretty vintage-style brooch which they can wear in their hair (you just need to add a small comb or buy a specially adapted hair brooch). They can then also wear this again after the wedding, pinned to a smart dress or suit jacket.

Ella Brooch

Important Things to Remember When Choosing Bridesmaid Accessories

Time it Right

Don’t start shopping for bridesmaid accessories until you have chosen the colour and style of the dresses.

Set a Budget

You need to be realistic about how much to spend on bridesmaid accessories and jewellery, especially if you have more than one or two to buy for.

Pierced Ears?

Check if your bridesmaids have pierced ears before buying earrings, or look for a designer who can convert their designs for non-pierced ears.

Colours Don’t Have to Match

Bridesmaid jewellery doesn’t have to match the dresses perfectly. In fact, toning or contrasting colours usually looks better. For example, a hot pink dress would look great with toning purple, or clashing orange or turquoise.

Metal Choice

If a bridesmaid is sensitive to certain metals, including silver or gold, a hair accessory is a good alternative.

Individual Pieces

Treat your girls as individuals when choosing bridesmaid accessories and select a different piece of jewellery from the same range for each. For example, earrings for one, a necklace for another and a bracelet for another.

A Lovely Thank You Gift

Choose a design your bridesmaids can wear again and give it to them as their thank you present to wear on the day and after.

Guest post by Sangeeta Laudus of Olivier Laudus and Clare Yarwood-White (Buying Tips)

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Bride with Bridesmaids: Jess Yarwood Photography

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