Tell your love story in a pre-wedding film from Bloomsbury Films…

It’s the case for a lot of things in life, the anticipation of an event can be almost as exciting as the actual event itself. Whether it’s a first date, holiday, special occasion, or even your own wedding day.

The time leading up to your wedding day is packed with memories, fun, laughter and special moments, almost as much as the day itself. All too often this special period is lost in a whirl of venue visits, cake tastings and dress fittings, but at Bloomsbury Films we recognise that what comes before you say your vows is all part of your story, and something that deserves to be told.

We want to capture your pre-wedding journey on film for you to look back on in years to come, memories that would otherwise be lost in the mists of time. We will help bring back all the memories of the exciting build-up to you becoming a married couple.

Telling Your Story

It’s completely up to you how you want to tell your love story in your pre-wedding film. You might choose to go back to your childhoods — growing up, embarrassing hairstyles and ill-advised outfits… Or you can skip to just before you met — set the scene a little about the people you were up until that moment your eyes met, and Cupid drew back his bow…

We can interview you both, separately and together, about how you met — this can be great fun to hear each other’s different perspectives about who did what, and how things played out. It can also be fun to hear from your friends and family about how things were in the beginning, and how they have changed over the time you’ve known each other.

Saying ‘Yes!’

Of course a focus of your pre-wedding film has to be on the proposal itself. This can be a really touching part of your story to tell — how one of you was feeling in the build-up to asking the big question, all the scenarios you ran through, how you decided how and where you were going to make your proposal… And for the one who said ‘Yes’ — all the things that were running through your mind just before your partner popped the question, whether you were surprised or knew it was coming…

Again, asking friends and family can be a great way of finding out what went on just before that key moment that changed your lives forever, and took you from lovers / partners / significant others to being engaged and on the road to being a married couple.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we can reconstruct this and any other key moments from your relationship, like when you first met, your first date, or the first ‘I love you’…

We will work with you to create your perfect pre-wedding film, combining old and new video footage and photographs from your time together, set to a beautiful soundtrack. A unique, creative way to share your love story at an engagement party or wedding reception, or simply just for you.

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