Have you seen the buzz on social media recently about the TYME Iron? If not, where have you been? The TYME Iron it the most incredible two-in-one hair tool you’ll ever own. Not only does it straighten your hair, but it can also curl it… yes, curl it!

The TYME Iron is a revolutionary hair tool that creates many types of curl, from waves to bouncy curls and ringlets. Now you can create a beautiful head of curls in a matter of minutes. Depending on the style you’re going for and how you create the curl, we’re talking 10 minutes or less!


I have dead-straight hair and have always curled my hair one way or another if I go out (I mean out out, not just out to the shops). I have used tongs, rollers, benders (do you remember benders?), braids — the lot. As my hair is so straight and fine it takes so much effort to create a decent curl. I spray it with hairspray and it looks great for about half an hour. Then it’s straight again! Anyone else have hair like this?

Well, now I have a TYME Iron, and oh my goodness it really is THE best hair product ever made (seriously!). When I saw the TYME Iron I instantly thought how great it would be for brides-to-be and bridesmaids who want to style their own hair on the wedding day. The videos show just how easy it is to use and how pretty the curls look.

Using TYME Iron to curl hair

Effortless Curls (Eventually!)

Now, I am going to be completely honest with you. My TYME Iron had arrived by the time I got home from the office (I did a little happy dance). I watched the videos (lots of videos), plugged it in, let it heat up and off I went… not very successfully. Rather than creating the perfect curl I ended up with some straight bits, some frizzy bits and the odd kind-of curl. “What am I doing? This looks SO easy. Why can’t use it?” With a look of frustration, a few choice words and some more frizz, I gave up!

Fear not ladies; it does work. The next day I washed my hair and dried it, ready for attempt two. I really have no idea what I was doing the day before because the very next day it worked perfectly. I was able to create beautifully curls super fast!

TYME Iron opened and closed

So I think what I’m trying to say is, for the best results make sure you have your hair ready. On my first attempt my hair had been up in a bun all day and was not ‘ready’ for the TYME Iron. I have used this iron many times now and I have cracked it, although it did take a few goes to perfect.

Basically, you leave the iron to heat up (it’s very fast), take a small section of hair (the smaller the section, the tighter the curly), gently glide through your hair and, hey presto, you have a gorgeous curl. You can create many types of curl, and the TYME website, YouTube channel and Facebook page are full of tutorials.

This video explains exactly how to use the TYME iron and how to create the perfect curl.

One-On-One Sessions

When you buy a TYME Iron, not only are you buying the best thing since sliced bread, they will also teach you how to get the style you want and answer any hair health or hair maintenance questions you may have during free one-on-one sessions with their virtual stylists!

If you are thinking of creating your own wedding hairstyle I suggest you have a look into the TYME Iron. It will create curls in super-fast time, and the curls can last for two to three days!

The TYME Iron hair curler and straightener

The TYME Iron is £144 including delivery. It also includes a 30-day money back guarantee, one year warranty, and comes with an awesome TYME Traveler Heat Sleeve so you can take it on the go! It’s therefore perfect for honeymoon hair too.

For more details about TYME Iron visit the TYME website www.tymestyle.co.uk.