Oh Jack how I love thee! If you are looking for the perfect thank you gift for your best man and groomsmen I may have found just the thing! Thanks to Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, what to gift your groomsmen is one less thing to worry about. Get into the wedding spirit (pardon the pun) and mark the occasion Jack’s way — with a personalised bottle of this one-of-a-kind flavour.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select knows that your wedding day is as significant for the groom and his groomsmen as it is for the bride and her bridesmaid. Signature Single Barrel Select is the perfect spirit to share with friends, toasting to those once in a lifetime moments.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

“Just as one barrel rises above the rest, having met the single barrel standard — one man rises above the rest to stand beside you on your wedding day.”

Only One Out of 100 Barrels Becomes Single Barrel Select

Jack Daniel’s is perhaps one of the best known and most popular whiskeys in the world. If your best man and groomsmen are Jack Daniel’s lovers then they will really enjoy this Single Barrel Select; it’s very, very special!

Only one out of every 100 barrels is set aside to mature in the upper reaches of the Jack Daniel’s barrel houses, where dramatic temperature changes enhance both the colour and taste of the whiskey they house. Each barrel is hand-selected for its one-of-a-kind flavour, and every bottle of Single Barrel Select proudly carries its unique rick number, barrel number and bottling date.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select On the Rocks

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select offers a distinctive, full-bodied taste with notes of vanilla, toasted oak and caramel. Harbouring less sweetness and more power than the original Old No.7, Single Barrel Select offers a much richer variation. With no two barrels producing the same whiskey, Jack Daniel’s really delivers a one-of-a-kind gift, perfect for the special people at your wedding.

Flavoursome with a Kick

I enjoy a sneaky JD and coke, so couldn’t wait to open this amazing Single Barrel Select. I have to say it didn’t disappoint! The bottle I tried was bottled on 8th March 2016 from barrel no. 16-5050.

Best served on the rocks or on its own, Single Barrel Select is really flavoursome and I found it much smoother than some other varieties I have tried in the past (check out the whiskey connoisseur in me!).

Personalised Bottle

The bottle alone is something very special (I plan to keep mine in pride of place on the shelf). You can also have the bottle personalised with a message for the person you are gifting it to.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select Gift Box

I suggested giving Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select to your best man and groomsmen, but it’s a perfect wedding thank you gift for the dads too. Actually, it would make a great gift for anyone you are buying thank you gifts for… after all, it’s not only men that drink Jack.

By the Barrel

A 70cl bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select is £49.99. If you fancy serving this as a drink at your wedding you can also buy this by the barrel. Just contact Jack Daniel’s at singlebarrelstandard@whiskyshop.com and you’ll receive an experience curated solely for you, from start to finish.

Of course, this is not just for gifts — have yourself some Jack too!

You can buy Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select from the Jack Daniel’s website.