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Company Name: Warble Entertainment Agency

Interview With: Joey Burdon

Location/Coverage: UK and Europe

What does Warble Entertainment Agency do?

Warble Entertainment Agency is the home of the UK’s best wedding acts and entertainers. Everything you need is in one place to make planning your wedding entertainment easy and stress-free.

The Jet-Setters, Warble Entertainment Agency Act

How did Warble Entertainment Agency get started and how long have you been going?

Warble Entertainment began in 2007 with the vision of helping couples find the perfect wedding entertainment for their big day, regardless of budget, theme or style.

Our ethos from the beginning has always been one of reliability and passion. We know how stressful wedding planning can be so we always aim to make things as easy as possible. A lot of couples are surprised at how simple and straightforward the process is! I also find it’s part of our role to make the process fun. Too much of wedding planning can be notoriously difficult or joyless. Wedding entertainment is one of the most exciting parts; we know this and like to share it with you.

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Where do you cover?

Our awesome team of wedding entertainment brainiacs are based in Cheshire, however our entertainment options cover the whole of the UK, Europe and even Worldwide!

Couples planning a destination wedding can choose from a huge variety of wedding entertainment with experience in performing abroad too.

What service can Warble Entertainment Agency provide for a wedding?

We literally provide any type of wedding entertainment you can think of, as well as the entertainment you can’t think of because it’s so out there!

We have an amazing selection of live music, and our wedding bands are the best around with an array of styles. We also provide caricaturists and classical musicians such as harpists or string quartets. I love our unique entertainment section which is full of surprises. You can find celebrity lookalikes, walking trees, fire performers and so much more.

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What sets Warble Entertainment Agency apart from other wedding entertainment and live music agencies?

I would say that we are extremely proud of the expertise that our team has. When you get in touch you are dealing with dedicated industry professionals who are ready to help you find the perfect entertainment for your wedding. With years of experience and knowledge we are full of ideas and helpful advice for your wedding. Our team understand how important it is to get these decisions right and are on hand right up to your wedding day. In fact we have a 24-hour emergency helpline to ensure your chosen entertainment goes off without a hitch on your wedding day.

I’d like to mention our incredible roster of artists and entertainers as well. We stringently vet any act before accepting them onto the roster to ensure the best quality of wedding entertainment the UK has to offer.

What type of music acts can you provide?

Having a variety of musical styles is important to us, and we will always look to match your musical entertainment with your wedding theme.

We have a massive range of wedding bands including rock and pop, folk bands, soul and Motown bands, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll, as well a mix of solo performers, vocalists, saxophonists and pianists. You are sure to find something to make your day special.

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As well as the music side of the entertainment, what other entertainment acts can you provide?

We specialise in all kinds of unique wedding entertainment, and offer some really fun and bizarre options that are sure to make an impact. My favourite has to be our Del Boy lookalike who will come and crash your wedding!

Walkabout entertainment is really popular too, and can include acts such as mind readers, magicians and caricaturists to liven up your day.

Stephen the Magician, Warble Entertainment Agency Act

What is your top tip for choosing wedding entertainment?

Okay, this might sound really contradictory to everything I’ve said so far, but don’t overdo it. For me it’s all about creating highlights.

Try to make memories and provide talking points by turning those common wedding lulls into something memorable. Every wedding is different, but I believe you can always strike a good balance between not enough and too much entertainment. And yes, there is such a thing as too much wedding entertainment!

Also, find entertainment that feels at home with you and your wedding day. It shouldn’t overshadow your day and it certainly shouldn’t go unnoticed.

What is your top tip for choosing live music for your wedding?

Finding live music for your wedding is easy. There are tonnes of options out there, so why do couples struggle? Although finding a wedding band for your night is easy, finding the perfect band takes a little more thought. Choosing your live music is exciting, but can be daunting too when you don’t know what to look for.

Firstly, focus on the style you like and try to match this with your venue or theme. Once you’ve done this it’s all about getting the right ‘feel’ for an act. You can do this by watching videos and checking feedback from previous couples.

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What have been the top entertainment acts of 2018?

Surprise entertainment has been popular this year. I don’t know if it’s because couples want to do something different that guests haven’t seen before, but we are noticing more of these types of acts at weddings. This can range from surprise undercover singers to paparazzi photographers and celebrity impersonators.

What have been the top music acts of 2018?

Sax and DJ combinations are huge right now, and it’s no surprise to see this. A lot of couples get stuck with the dilemma of ‘band or DJ’ when looking for their evening entertainment. Saxophone and DJ can tick both boxes and provides a cool club vibe that weddings previous won’t have had. Is this the new ‘wedding band’ archetype? There’s still a way to go but it’s amazing to have even more choice.

Sax Player performing on dance floor at wedding

What do you think the trends for wedding entertainment will be in 2019?

We are due a Great British throwback as the elegance of this year’s royal wedding inspires brides with their planning. As the royal wedding only took place this year, I don’t think we’ve seen the full influence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s day yet within the wedding industry. I believe that next year we will see a rise in time-honoured classical choices in all aspects of wedding planning. For us this means couples may lean more towards acts like choirs and cellists to recreate that royal wedding atmosphere.

Warble Entertainment Agency also has a blog. What content on here can help couples looking for entertainment for their wedding?

We do have a blog! It’s packed with loads of useful tips, advice and inspiration for planning your wedding entertainment. We also post real wedding blogs featuring couples who have booked wedding entertainment with us. These are a great read and we always ask our brides and grooms for their tips and advice too.

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What’s the best thing about your job?

It’s incredible to be able to work alongside so many talented people, both the Warble Entertainment team and our brilliant roster of entertainers. I think there’s also something to be said about the satisfaction of playing a part in helping someone create their dream day. All our team live for these moments and they will tell you exactly the same thing. Feedback from brides and grooms often mentions us or one our team by name to thank them for the service provided. This means the world to us.

What’s your typical day like?

I’m very behind the scenes here at Warble in some aspects, but also on the front line when it comes to anything you find online about us. I’ve usually got my head buried in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in some way, pulling the strings in the background so people find out about us and creating content. Not forgetting keeping up on the latest news in the industry. I’ll also always be working on some kind of blog daily, whether it’s a real wedding or an advice piece, or even a Q&A like this!

If I were to break my typical day down into three main things it would be Social Media, Blogs and lots of brews. I think that last one applies to every Warble team member though as a rite of passage!

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Random question… What’s your TV guilty pleasure?

Grand Designs. Not only does it have the best before and after comparison shots of any TV show, it’s consistently hilarious to see people fall into the trap of forgetting that it rains in England. Maybe I’m heartless, but when your eco-mansion made out of mud imported from Bucharest goes over budget because you forgot about rain, you only have yourself to blame.

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