Interview With: Luke Pickering

Company Name: NSPCC — Celebrate and Give

Location / Coverage: Nationwide

Most people would have heard of the NSPCC but can you remind us of the work the NSPCC does.

The NSPCC help end cruelty to children in a number of ways:

  • The NSPCC is unique amongst charities in that it has legal powers to intervene on behalf of children in the same way as the police or local authorities can.
  • ChildLine. At ChildLine bases around the UK, trained volunteers are on hand to provide advice and support 24 hours a day. Children can get in touch by phone or online — whichever makes them feel most comfortable and in control.
  • The NSPCC Helpline. The NSPCC Helpline is a free, 24-hour service which provides support and advice to anyone worried about a child, and will take action on their behalf.
  • Schools service. The service focuses on primary school children aged 5 to 11. It aims to teach them what abuse and bullying are, how to protect themselves and where to get help if they need it. Giving children the knowledge to prevent abuse is a vital part of what we do.
  • We are always campaigning to help end cruelty to children in the UK — from making sure that child protection remains at the top of the political agenda to making your local area safer.

How did the NSPCC come about and how long has the charity been going?

On 8 July 1884, The London Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was established following a period of great hardship for many children.

How can people support the NSPCC on their wedding day?

Brides/Grooms can support us by:

  • Ordering NSPCC wedding favours to use on their wedding day.
  • Fundraising on the day with our donation envelopes/boxes.
  • Choosing for guests to donate to the NSPCC instead of a traditional wedding gift list. We have cards that brides/grooms can send out to inform guests of their wishes.

NSPCC Celebrate and Give Favour Cards

If a couple would like to support the NSPCC on their wedding day what do they need to do?

Complete this online form

How can couples inform their guests that they would like them to make donations instead of having a gift list?

Either by email if they wish to set up an online Virgin Money giving page, or they can send out our donation cards as described previously.

Can donations only be made before the wedding?

No, we can take donations throughout the wedding process including afterwards.

Is there a way that the couple can let their guests know after the wedding how much was donated?

We inform the bride/groom about a month after their wedding how much they’ve raised through Celebrate and Give. They can then pass this information on.

How is money raised used by the NSPCC?

It’s used to fund all our vital work.

What other ways can people help to raise money for the NSPCC other than on their wedding day?

There are many ways you can help raise money for the NSPCC whether it’s running to raise funds, organising an event or whatever! If it raises money then you could be doing it for the NSPCC and helping end cruelty to children.

Where can I find out more about the NSPCC?

The NSPCC website is a rich source of information about the charity: www.nspcc.org.uk

NSPCC Celebrate and Give Wedding Charity