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Interview with: Matthew Hiscutt

Company Name: Matthew Oliver Weddings

Location / Coverage: My services have taken me everywhere and anywhere. Though I’m based in Petersfield/Hampshire but can plan a wedding all ‘Around the World’.

What does Matthew Oliver Weddings do?

I’m a professional Wedding and Events Planner, catering my services around the UK and the world.

Have you always been interested in weddings and wanted to be a wedding planner?

It’s weird because I never, ever thought in a million years that I would be where I am today. I fell into being a wedding planner when I was living in Cyprus and working for a tour operator; one of their wedding planners decided they’d had enough and they asked me to become one. Not even having a second thought I decided to take the offer and it wasn’t until around 3 weeks after I was like “Oh my. What have I got myself in to?”. My manager at the time said I was under performing and told me you either want this or not, and straight after that I turned into a world class planner and haven’t looked back since.

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How did Matthew Oliver Weddings come about and how long has the business been going?

After 5 years working for ex amount of tour operators, independent event companies, venues and hotels, I thought I can actually do this on my own, without one of these companies supporting me. I decided to train with the UKAWP, as their code of practice and business was what I believed in, and they pushed me to go out there and do it on my own.

I have been trading and set up 6/7 months now and can’t believe the interest and support from everyone I have spoken to or met.

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What services can Matthew Oliver Weddings offer to couples planning their wedding?

Having a different approach from most planners, I like to say I can create anything to do with weddings; if it’s a local wedding where they want a full planning service, or they want to jet off anywhere around the world, I have the experience in designing marvellous weddings. I even work with couples who are based in other countries and would like to get married in the UK, or in other destinations. Any service we create together will include a complimentary consultation to talk over all your plans, or if you’re just looking to be pushed in the right direction. It’s important to create the right package and listen to each couple’s needs, so I can even design bespoke packages to suit all needs.

I will be more than happy to sit down over a lovely cup of tea and cake and set you on the right path.

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Why should a couple choose to use you to help them plan their big day?

Couples need to feel relaxed and calm in all wedding plans, and choosing the right suppliers can be difficult; they need to look for suppliers that understand their style and interests. I have a natural empathy with each of my clients and they feel confident in my ability to deliver their dreams. I understand each couple’s visions and create not just a wedding but a day that they will treasure for the rest of your their lives.

Which part of helping to plan a wedding do you enjoy the most and why?

I really enjoy getting to know each couple personally and becoming not just their wedding planner but a trusted friend. Trust is important in this field as you need to create the wedding with their personality.

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Do you have a specific style of wedding that you like to help create?

I’m extremely versatile as you will never create the same wedding twice. I have created a complete mix of weddings, all depending on the style and personality of the couples. The style, design and theme, for me, is so important at a wedding, as this is where your day will shine and be different from the others out there. My favourite styles so far that I have created would be a gorgeous elegant white wedding, and an old fashioned farmyard wedding; as you can tell both of these are on separate paths. As a wedding planner it’s important to be open with the style and theme of each wedding and know all the new trends for the following seasons.

What are the best and worst things about being a wedding planner?

Hahaha, hmmmmm. Well, the best parts are definitely getting to know each couple and fashioning their wedding from the start to when you see their faces on the day; it’s really rewarding when you walk away at the end knowing that you were the person who turned this couple’s dreams into reality.

There is not really a bad thing as I enjoy everything, though being a wedding planner is not all glam and fizz. There is a considerable amount of trust behind planning a wedding as it not only has to be perfect, it has to be flawless, which is a huge commitment and challenge.

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What is your most memorable experience of planning one of your clients’ weddings?

This is such a tough question as I have so many beautiful memories of each couple, but there is one that sticks in my head as it’s really funny. As I get exceedingly close to all my couples we always get along so well, but also we’re honest with each other and say what we like and don’t like. They always give me their keys if it’s in a hotel room or to their house so I can start preparing for the big day. One day I was going out my daily wedding routine, making sure everything and everyone were OK. I always check on the bride not only to be nosy but to make sure they’re OK and going to time, I walked in once and she was completely naked. She just stared at me and I stared back, and I suddenly just turned around and walked straight into the door, which knocked me straight over. I got up, embarrassed, to find the bride laughing at me with a towel on.

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What’s your top tip for planning the perfect wedding?

The couple’s personality is the key to a successful wedding and how they should design, create and style their event. It’s so easy to get lost with all the plans and go down the wrong path into stress, misery and sometimes heartache. I also like to say that couples can be influenced by friends, family and media which make them doubt their plans, making them feel uncomfortable. Please don’t listen to others; create your wedding how you wish, not by what others say!


What are the top wedding trends for 2013?

I love the fact that brides are starting to listen and designing a wedding based on their dreams and passions instead of following the media and using something that has already been a trend or done before.

I’m seeing a lot of single colour formations and traditional English weddings, as we’re proud to be British and going back to our roots.

Random question… What was the last book you bought?

My favourite genres of books are fantasy, as I love the adventure and suspense. I also get dragged into the story, and even when I’ve finished a book I feel I’m a part of it! My imagination is huge!

The last books I bought and read where the Hunger Games trilogy, and this has nothing to do with the film, just the fact I heard about them. As soon as I started reading them I couldn’t put it down. It’s such a powerful story and I love the way it’s written. All the books I read are about female adventures.

Where can I find out more about Matthew Oliver Weddings?

My website, where you can find out all about me is

You can also follow me on all social network sites