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Company Name: Louise Avery Flowers

Interview with: Louise Avery

Location: Passfied, Nr Liphook, Hampshire

How did Louise Avery Flowers get started and how long has the business been going?

The business in its current form has been going since 2003. It started when I decided to stop my London freelance business and re-locate my working life predominately to Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

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Who works at Louise Avery Flowers?

A combination of freelance help including Dolly, Suzie, Georgie, Sharon, Greg and, on occasion, Paul, my lovely husband.

Where is Louise Avery Flowers based — do you have a shop? Which areas of the UK do you cover?

Louise Avery Flowers operates from Passfield, Nr Liphook, Hampshire, in a purpose fitted 1000sq ft. flower studio. As the flower studio is based on the borders of Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex this location is perfectly situated to service weddings and parties throughout the three counties area and even into London.

Bride and groom with venue flowers by Louise Avery Flowers

What type of flowers can you provide for a wedding?

Nothing but the best! Luxury and bespoke flowers are provided for each wedding order. You can compile your wish-list from bridal bouquets, church decorations, and marquee and venue arrangements including guest and top table displays.

Bride and bridesmaids with bouquets by Louise Avery Flowers

What sets Louise Avery Flowers apart from other wedding florists?

A whole working life in flowers, dedication to the art, a pure love of weddings and attention to detail to the highest level, even in clearing after the big day!

Bride with cascading bouquet by Louise Avery Flowers

What are the trends for 2015 wedding flowers?

Vintage is still there, but with glamour rather that village fete. Shower bouquets are also starting to make a comeback, but with a more relaxed and up-to-date feel and clouds and clouds of gypsophila!

Does Louise Avery Flowers have a specialist floral area?

Very much so… it has to be weddings!

Bride and bridesmaids standing under floral canopy by Louise Avery Flowers

What are your top tips for choosing wedding flowers?

My top 3 tips for choosing wedding flowers are:

  1. Opt for flowers that are in season — you really do get the best. The opposite is out of season which equals smaller flower heads, weaker stems and higher prices. For me it’s a no-brainer.
  2. Allow your florist to guide you. As a professional they will know so much more about flowers than you will ever imagine.
  3. If you want to preserve you bouquet, send any of the flowers after the wedding to a charity or recycle any plants used. Plan ahead so that it isn’t a logistical last minute panic the morning-after-the-night-before!

Bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets behind their backs

Random question… Who is your idol?

My mum. She nurtured my love of flowers from a child in the garden, she loved and supported me and was my biggest critic and fan!

Wedding ceremony flowers by Louise Avery Flowers

Do you have a favourite floral arrangement that you have made for a wedding?

My career highlight was to create the floral display above the Altar at Westminster Abbey for a very special wedding! It was such a treat to use British plants and flowers provided from the Royal Gardens.

What is your favourite flower?

Anything that is in season. I love the seasonal nature of fresh flowers and I am always excited to see the turn of the seasons bring back favourites as well as new varieties that are constantly being introduced. In short, I have a new favourite flower almost every week!

Wedding table centrepiece flowers by Louise Avery Flowers

Where can people find out more about Louise Avery Flowers?

All of the above and by coming to see me, consultations are complimentary and without obligation. You really get the most information when you get me talking on my favourite subject — wedding flowers!